baguio april 2016 part one: canto x citylight hotel

Posted on: July 4, 2016

we had a side trip to baguio from pangasinan, dad and his besties went too… i asked… err, more like demanded, that we have lunch at the ketchup food community because they were thinking of eating at shakey’s and man, i did not use up a chunk of my vacation leaves just to eat at a pizza place that has too many branches in manila. on a side note, dad asked if there was a lot of ketchup in the place, hahaha.


we ate at canto… which was a good thing since it was one of the places in which i hadn’t eaten yet. the place looks ok, kind of like the old canteens we used to eat at during grade school.


i got some lomo ribs, kool aid tropical punch, and mallow fluff. ang taba ko, after ko lamunin tong mga to.

we looked for a hotel afterwards, and my patience was extremely tested because i knew of some good ones in baguio but this bat shit crazy tita kept pointing us to shady looking ones… yung parang hindi ka na makakalabas ng buhay kapag pumasok ka, haha.


we finally stayed at citylight hotel, which was just a block or two from sm baguio and it was very well lit, with a guard near the entrance. i was also very well fed, lol. i think i had one too many breakfast buffets here because dad extended our stay since he liked the weather.


there’s also a cozy nook near the entrance where they sell pastries and tea, i got an oreo cake, lemongrass tea (my default one), and macarons for one merienda… ako na talaga matakaw! i roamed around baguio when dad and bffs were out and about but that’d be in another post…

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.

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