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i wandered around infanta…err… town proper, (for i do not know what baranggay it was) when dad was busy with his business shizznitz. the place is quite small but brimming with relatives, lol.


it hasn’t changed much, except for some new houses… those giant trees have been there for as long as i can remember.


i also remember being hungry and being very bored here when i was younger (neglected, haha). although, we had gorged food most of the time during our visit, care of dad’s bffs, haha. that’s certainly an improvement on the food part although there’s still not much entertainment.


there’s a small elementary school on the other side and uh… more trees, haha.


i could circle the area several times in half an hour, there isn’t a lot to see, but if you happen to drop by infanta during the late afternoon and you’d like some quiet, it’s breezy enough for a short walk.

yun lang.

♥ melai


when i was younger, i used to hate going to infanta, pangasinan… where my dad comes from, there wasn’t anything to see, really. if i didn’t consider the family feuds and just the shallow part… well, the nearest mall was several towns and a city away, the old ancestral house didn’t have a computer, and the people who took care of it didn’t know anything about hosting and making guests comfortable, lol. i remember eating the same dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and at one point the hosts forgot lunch entirely…

so when dad asked me to join him for a visit, i was determined to make better memories… last time i travelled to infanta, i took a bus to sta. cruz, it was the longest bus ride i had and i was alone and it was dark already and that freaked dad so much, i received a million ‘where ka na?’ text messages, haha. this time around, we had bogart (lol, i came up with this funny name), his new car, and dad drives like one of those pros in track races, it was very comfortable. sorry to blab, but it was a huge improvement. we also stayed in one of my aunt’s houses where the keepers are really kind and despite having fish all the time, the food tasted good.

anyhoo, for his hs reunion, we went to one of the beaches in macalang, that’s owned by one of his classmates, (who’s possibly one of our relatives too) i don’t remember her name but i called her auntie grumpy because she has the most pessimistic face that i have ever seen… quite in contrast with the happy place she owns, heto o…


it’s a pretty quiet place, somewhat breezy… and the internet works!  i thought i wouldn’t have any signal at all since we passed several rice paddies to get there but i did! on the other hand, dad’s reunion with his classmates went pretty well. i think i was forced to sing an aerosmith song, bwahaha, and we ate some pretty decent food and drank beer. i met some of his classmates who were either my uncles and aunts or, for the love of kami-sama, my frakkin nephews and nieces, and they’re like twice my age, haha!


sunsets are beautiful in macalang beach, i hope dad i and can visit sometime again soon.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

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currently rebuilding my blog... because multiply is gone forever and most of the pixxors are still linked there. fight-o!

i've coded and recoded and recoded again... but everything looks like a mess with internet explorer. grrrrr. oh guys, let's just use firefox. lollerz. ^.^Y

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