one ok rock live in manila 2016

Posted on: February 8, 2016

the truth is i’m not really fond of concerts, the crowd can get noisy and you can’t skip to your favorite songs but i was extremely excited for months for the one ok rock concert that maki and i were going to attend. i’d taken a liking to this band since they showed the rurouni kenshin live action movies and err… the drummer is particularly cute, heehee.


we arrived at the moa arena on the day of the concert looking like we’d gotten into a battle with a horde of zombies, it was a concert they said, but no… it was a challenge! the lines were horrible and we were vip ticket holders at that. kind ma’am or sir from sm, please fix your, uh, queueing system or whatever it’s called. it was more organized inside the arena itself though.

my pixxors are more of a light show, because i wanted to follow the rules and just bought my phone instead of my point and shoot… these are japanese performers and japanese people are big on rules and respect.


one ok rock sang some of my favorites, heartache, mighty long fall, wherever you are, and the beginning… pretty amazed at how perfect everything sounded. on the other hand, i think they were surprised at how we all knew the lyrics to all the songs.

they teased the crowd after singing the beginning saying they were down to the last song but then came back after the crowd requested them to, after which they played a lot more songs and ended everything with a ninety degree bow. also tomoya (my bias, forever. yes, forever!) blurted out “mahal kita” before leaving the stage so eun… mahal din kita tomoya kanki, hahaha!

yun lang. my head hurt a bit after all that headbanging, hope one ok rock visits the philippines again.

♥ melai


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