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one last post before the year ends… maki and i haven’t seen each other since october because the little girl was doing excursions on some volcano, but she finally found some time to have dinner with me last night, huzzah! i didn’t take pixxors of her food, because she hadn’t had lunch due to canlaon volcano exploding. for the love of kami-sama, i just hope she doesn’t get sent to negros tomorrow, hahaha!


but we did take some selfies over at nike, which is the brand she buys… at least mostly…


and over at adidas, which is what i’m partial to. we like to call them our… err, ‘sponsors’, teehee! we don’t have the same exact taste in everything, but what i like sort of matches up with whatever she likes in most instances (evidence here!) hope we can hang out a lot more next year!

yun lang. God bless the good friends!

♥ melai

davao november 2015

we headed to church for baby gab’s christening a few hours after jb landed… also that meant after eating breakfast at the old dimsum diner, meeting all the joggers in davao (it’s an inside joke), and annoying my non-vaping companions by vaping, teehee.

davao november 2015

i’ve had honey, jb, and nyles as my mentors and it’s been a long time since all of us had been together, it felt like a family reunion. on the other hand, honey’s kid didn’t cry during the ceremony at all.

davao november 2015

we also wore fun shoes! honey held the reception at a local buffet, where i didn’t take decent pixxors, lol. the food was great though, i think i’ve had two or more plates, plus tons of dessert and cake.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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