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davao november 2015

nyles and i had dinner at blue posts boiling crabs and shrimps after i landed in davao and checked in at the hotel. i’ve been to davao several times and have passed by this restaurant several times, but i wasn’t that interested because i still have a slight reaction to seafood but i was hungry and i let nyles steer.

davao november 2015

i also let nyles choose the food, haha. these buttered shrimp were noms. also i really have a death wish, haha. the rice was soft… sort of like japanese rice but not quite. they also gave us bibs and we ate with our hands!

davao november 2015

the restaurant lets people write on every nook and cranny of the place, even on the tables and seats. the waiters were nice and accommodating, they’d give good food suggestions and offer to take your pixxors too. solb.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai



grabbed the sword of summer weeks ago… finished it in a few days, read some parts while in transit, while eating, even read some parts while in the elevator, tried not to laugh at all the funny parts although i wasn’t to help it that much because rick riordan is a genius.

i specially liked that annabeth chase is an actual character in the book and there were references to percy jackson and jason grace… and also taylor swift, haha. wasn’t really into norse mythology, but i was kind of researching stuff about it while reading this, teehee. can’t wait for the hammer of thor which is coming out next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai

kidzania manila

i was more than thrilled when my boss invited me to go to kidzania manila… coz i have no kid to bring, obviously, hahaha! also, i didn’t bring any cameras… haist. pixxors are from ms. babes, post processed by me. the place was like a small city, run by little kids with cute bobbing heads and err dancing perky older people.

kidzania manila

i love this woman when she is not barking like a mad officer, lol. going on little outings such as this with my own parents was something i never experienced, and the other parents my boss was with probably thought i was weird that i wanted to go to kidzania…

kidzania manila

my boss’ kid is the most passive child i have ever known, that is, when things are going well… she gave me a hug at the end of our trip, most passive hug i’d gotten from a kid, haha. what made it special was, she wasn’t forced to do it, just hugged me out of the blue. so eun, i just wanted to document this trip, and that hug i’d gotten. lab lab.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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currently rebuilding my blog... because multiply is gone forever and most of the pixxors are still linked there. fight-o!

i've coded and recoded and recoded again... but everything looks like a mess with internet explorer. grrrrr. oh guys, let's just use firefox. lollerz. ^.^Y

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