toycon 2015

Posted on: October 26, 2015

i still have some backlogs… so i did go to the last toycon ages ago. didn’t really pay much attention to the cosplayers and just roamed around to see the merchandise and here are some that i liked…


there were alpacas everywhere… err, they’re like camels only with fluff.


lots of totoro too… squeeee!


not a hello kitty fan, but found some stuffed hello kitties dressed as shishio and kenshin.


wanted to get an authority hoodie, they had my size too… but i buy hoodies two times larger because they shrink in the wash and they didn’t have big ones… other justice league stuff abound.


i bought an old pocket pikachu, was surprised to find out that it was a pedometer and pikachu gets really pumped up when you start walking, teehee.


stormtroopers and star wars figures… spot r2d2, princess leia, and darth vader?


they had a hulkbuster on display, it was cool except for the hordes of people taking selfies, i stood for about ten minutes just trying to take a clean pixxor…


not sure if these are poring, mochi, or haro but they’re cute.


found a giant felyne stuffed toy, y so adorbs huh?

yun lang.

♥ melai


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