the national museum of the philippines

Posted on: October 19, 2015

i actually went to the national museum of the philippines some months back, they were waiving the entrance fees and since it’s very rare for a government facility to open its doors without you paying, i thought i’d go visit.


i passed by this white building most of the time when i was in college, don’t know why i’d never bothered to peek in at least once, but anyhoo, i did not get lost! plus 10 direction skillz! the guard at the entrance asked for my school instead of work address, nyahaha. on a side note, at that time, i was still studying nihonggo at the japan foundation… which technically makes me a student…


i didn’t follow the other visitors and went to a different hallway, i was greeted by canons.


the museum had a sort of courtyard, filled with mango trees and benches, and little interesting slabs of rock laid out on the ground. after chillin’ for a bit, i went back inside and ogled around, there were lots of interesting things, and the amount of antique jars and kitchenware will certainly overwhelm you, there were numerous paintings, and err… dead stuffed items but here are my favorites…


i thought this boat was pretty amazing, it’s huge! i wonder how many people would have been needed to paddle…


i also liked the wedding dress and barong above, i took my time admiring it, which prolly annoyed some of the other visitors, hehe. those were so pretty! i also took my time looking at the white and colored thread that were on display… reminded me of the embroidered stuff my grandmother used to make.


i just liked how the window looked, lol. kind of borderline creepy and pretty. this was in the same area as the clothes and thread, i lingered here for a bit… that’s why i took some  photos of random non-artifact things.


i forgot what these instruments were called but they were similar to the violin.


there’s also an alibata or baybayin dedicated area, filled with books and articles with the alphabet.


after so much roaming and ogling, i went home. the museum had beautiful pristine staircases and people would take selfies by these areas. was lucky was able to take a pixxor  before the little children, fussy parents, and chatty students came over. so eun, had a really nice time at the national museum, might bring maki to visit ehem… someday… if she’s not stuck in some volcano, haha.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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