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i bought a holga from an online store because it was on sale and uh, it was pink all over. i contemplated about this for a few days… my last analog camera was an old minolta slr given to me by my dad, which i used for projects during grade school, he gave me a digital camera when i hit highschool and i promptly forgot about my analog.

anyhoo, i bought the camera finally… was disappointed of course, the seller was obviously trying to get rid of this one, the lens cap was broken, some parts looked like they were glued and forced to fit, i could have bought a better one from quiapo just probably not pink. i decided to keep it though and try my hand at it… bought some film and took some test shots.






i was so used to seeing the photos immediately with my digital cameras, i was a wee bit excited when i got the film processed. there are different holgas, the holga 135 bc uses 35mm film and produces photographs with bent corners or black corners… although i was more interested in how the colors seeped in with multiple exposures.

pretty much happy with the test shots, hope i could get my hands on another lomograph camera pretty soon.

yun lang.

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