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for our last two visits to davao, we always passed by a cafe filled with panda stuff, it was quite far from bajada and i’d always say i’d come back for it. was finally able to visit darcy’s place during our april trip, huzzah!


the interiors are warm and cozy and when i dropped by there weren’t any other customer, so i ogled around.


there were adorable panda’s everywhere, but sayang they don’t sell the decor… would’ve gotten a panda for one of my sisters who hoards panda themed things.


ordered the panda club and raspberry iced tea… the service wasn’t very fast but the staff were so polite and kept letting me know that they were still preparing the food, so it was all good. on a side note, i remember chatting up maki during this time, she was in legazpi at the time and that was prolly the closest we’ve ever been in weeks as she’s almost always checking out some volcano shizznitz. (hello maki!) anyhoo, dived into the food when it arrived, it was excellent. will try their pasta when i go back to davao this november, teehee.

tapos umuwi na kami ng maynila. see you again soon, davao.

yun lang.

♥ melai


just wanted to document my davao trip last april and it was like coming back home… it’s my third visit to davao and there’s something oddly satisfying in being able to go back to places you’ve gone to and see the familiar and the new.

this is also the first time i travelled with people from work who don’t exactly share the same sentiments as me, in terms of travelling, charot. to expound, they’re simply happy drinking and smoking and eating around while rolling in bed. on a side note, it was cute observing their packing and hygiene habits… for instance, hiding a dozen bottles (probably more…) of liquor is kind of a special skill, haha.

this is also the first time i didn’t take pixxors that much for some reason, and so just grabbed whatever i could find in fesbuten, lulz. i stole the ones below from liiya and hanee.

davao april 2015 fb

we headed over to samal island on our one weekend for our teambuilding and we got stranded in the middle of the sea, haha. another boat towed us though and we got to our destination. my memories of that samal island trip aren’t that clear anymore, i just remember stepping on some corals, getting a stiff neck from riding a habal-habal, and seeing lots of gays on the ferry. adventure pa more, haha.


when we got back to the city, we lounged around sm lanang, because for the love of buddha, our hotel had forsaken us … check-in was at 3:00 pm. on a side note, i was finally able to eat cake.

davao april 2015 fb

on our last day in davao, we dropped by aldevinco, which my companions kept mispronouncing, to get some souvenirs, and hane bought us to the old glamour crabs buffet. tapos umuwi na kami sa manila, haha.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

finally decided to take nihongo classes some months ago, was lucky because the japan foundation, manila had marugoto A1 classes at the time and the school was very close to where i work, so eun, i enrolled and it was one of the smartest things i ever did this year…

marugoto A1 1

the first half of A1 started last january 20 and ended march 3. the class usually starts at 6:20 in the evening and i’m usually in lethargic cat mode and imamura sensei would always say that i’m kawaii, char.

i’ve got a lot of classmates and they were so nice, we’d help each other out with the lessons and then we’d have the occasional inside joke… because nihongo and filipino are worlds apart and some japanese words can be awkward in filipino… i also had three classmates named renz just that their names are spelled differently and they’d all look at sensei when she calls renz, lulz.

i specially liked the food lessons, it was fun pronouncing ‘furaido-poteto’, which is ‘french fries’ and ‘chizu baagaa’ which is ‘cheese burger’ (duh) repeatedly. on a side note, we ended up very hungry after that class.

on the final day of module 1, i took the exams last, and they left me all alone in the library with all those scary masks, for the love of buddha.

marugoto A1 2

the second half or module 2 started march 10 and ended april 23. some of my module 1 classmates enrolled and we got new ones. the lessons were a bit more complicated… i didn’t like the lesson on directions… i still get lost in ayala malls, hahaha.

and then guess what, they made me take the exams last again. i got a lot of free japanese candy… matcha and white lovers are absolutely the best, and fun stuff like magazines, post cards, and event flyers during class but nakagome sensei gave me a bag when i got best portfolio, huzzah!

the japan foundation had offered a moji (writing) class after module two but i had to go to davao at the time, hopefully, they’d offer another one, so i could take A2. teehee. on a final note, learning nihongo was so much fun. i was able to prank a cashier in a japanese restaurant, nyaaa~ it is also very helpful during kendo practice, since the instructions are in japanese. ureshikatta desu ne!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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