Posted on: June 28, 2015


late post is late. i’ve always looked forward to up’s annual miss engineering pageant because it’s such a laugh fest, the show’s an instant pick me up. met up with maki of course, we always support her club’s candidate, ms. ge club. this year’s theme is timeless… uh, women and ms. ge club’s character is mariah carey.


the hosts are always funny and… pervy, hahaha. this is the very thing that i like about maki’s school, they’re open to stuff like this.


here’s ms. ge club, he kind of looks a little soft to me, maybe that’s why they chose him to represent.


the show usually starts with the talent portion, which tends to be the longest. i ended up with a sore throat after this because of too much laughing, charot.


i was impressed with the swimwear part, they even had wings… although some of the participants’ private parts are obviously visible, haha.


the long gown competition was the last thing we watched from the show since i still had some work to do. maki and i ended up grabbing some chow from army navy and wishing ms. ge club good luck. in the end, ms. ge club was best in the long gown part and was the third runner up! huzzah!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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