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late post is late. i’ve always looked forward to up’s annual miss engineering pageant because it’s such a laugh fest, the show’s an instant pick me up. met up with maki of course, we always support her club’s candidate, ms. ge club. this year’s theme is timeless… uh, women and ms. ge club’s character is mariah carey.


the hosts are always funny and… pervy, hahaha. this is the very thing that i like about maki’s school, they’re open to stuff like this.


here’s ms. ge club, he kind of looks a little soft to me, maybe that’s why they chose him to represent.


the show usually starts with the talent portion, which tends to be the longest. i ended up with a sore throat after this because of too much laughing, charot.


i was impressed with the swimwear part, they even had wings… although some of the participants’ private parts are obviously visible, haha.


the long gown competition was the last thing we watched from the show since i still had some work to do. maki and i ended up grabbing some chow from army navy and wishing ms. ge club good luck. in the end, ms. ge club was best in the long gown part and was the third runner up! huzzah!

yun lang.

♥ melai


i’d been wanting to climb mt. pico de loro for the longest time… i had initially booked a trip sometime last year but there weren’t that many participants. luckily, there was a surge of travelers by around january and i was finally able to go! huzzah!


the first few kilometers weren’t so bad, there were visible paths and and not too much obstacles save for some steep mounds of loose soil, charot. we rested a bit by the subi-neer store, this is base camp 1, where you can buy souvenirs and drinks and ogle some cats.


the trail onwards is very straightforward, we just battled a lot of fallen trees and boulders. on a side note, we also whistled the mockingjay song while trudging about, hahaha.


when you get to the top, (which i did after slipping several times, to the horror of our guide) you get a really nice view of cavite and batangas, lounge under the shade of bamboo trees, and you get to clean out your lungs with fresh air.

i must admit, i was half waiting for some hovercrafts to pick me up, and was imaging a big booming voice announcing me as the winner of the hunger games, haha. climbing mt. pico de loro is one of the best things i ever did and i hope i could conquer more mountains soon.

yun lang. girl – 1, mountain – 0

♥ melai


was finally able to join a walk this way tour… carlos celdran was already doing the preliminaries when i arrived but i made it to the national anthem. that’s him in the middle, i think he was throwing ixora flower petals at that point, what a jolly person, haha.


so the walking tour was divided into three parts, which of course started with the spanish colonization followed by the american occupation and ended with world war 2. we roamed around fort santiago and intramuros for the tour with our theatrical guide, so that’s about three costume changes for him.



i didn’t exactly like philippine history when i was studying because we were made to memorize all those dates… had my teachers explained the consequences of the war or why rizal was chosen as our national hero instead, that class would have been more interesting. and those things were discussed during the tour, in a super fun way too!


i took a lot of pixxors during our break, it was lucky that we started late in the afternoon when it wasn’t so humid, you could snoop around the gates and barracks or look at curious sentries, follow rizal’s footsteps, and even watch snoozing cats.


carlos celdran’s props… i sneaked around when no one was looking, teehee. we all loved the chocnut including the foreigners.


our guide gave his best performance during his discussion about the japanese occupation and the war, when it was all death and destruction, he kind of cried in the end too, and for some reason, i found that so moving or mabilis lang talaga ma-antig ang puso ko, haha.


we ended the day with halo halo, i knew it had milk but surprisingly i didn’t smell the milk that much so i was able to eat it. i kept the bottle, haha. so eun, if you’re looking for a bit of a history refresher with free chocnut and halo halo, carlos celdran’s walk this way tours is a good one… he sometimes wears bunny headbands too, teehee! will try his other tours soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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currently rebuilding my blog... because multiply is gone forever and most of the pixxors are still linked there. fight-o!

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