pampanga december 2014 part two: betis church

Posted on: May 24, 2015

i am not exactly fond of churches and i’m not the most religious person in the planet… i knew we had a church in our itinerary and thought i’d focus on ogling stuff instead since i knew that the tour guide would turn this part of the tour into a history lecture.


this is the last church i went to since forever my ilocos trip. yes, i’m a big sinner, haha. although, i do go to the ozummm ones. betis church is in guagua, pampanga and from what i remember, it was built around the 1600s. its exterior is rather ornate, with the walls covered in intricate patterns.


we entered the church from the museum area, and it was reminiscent of my old college with similar doors, floors, and laypeople bustling about. i studied for four years in an all-girls catholic college… and it does look a bit like a convent, teehee. and so this part of betis church felt sort of cozy to me.


the main church though felt a little bit cold, it was huge and dark and when it’s this empty, every step echoes sort of eerily. but everything gets warmer when you look up at all the murals. it’s kind of like looking at a religious nintendo 3ds with all that trompe l’oeil, lols.


so yeah, just ogled stuff because i didn’t want to listen to the tour guide blab passionately about church history, although if art is your hustle, you’d definitely enjoy looking around this church. the laypeople are also very kind and would guide you around in case your tour guide is still on boring teacher mode, hahaha!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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