pampanga december 2014 part one: kusina ni atching lilian borromeo

Posted on: May 11, 2015

joined a tour group to pampanga some months back, finally documenting it here in three parts…


we headed to mexico, pampanga to atching lilian’s house. it looks really old and somewhat creepy. there’s also a small hut nearby, and what’s supposed to be the courtyard has been turned into an alfresco dining space. on the other hand, if you don’t know atching lilian, she’s pampanga’s celebrity cook, and also the sweetest, wittiest, little old lady i have ever met.


i roamed around a bit and found some interesting stuff… ogling the place is kind of like going back to the past when there were no electric ranges and sacrifices were made over fire… err i mean, cookware was made of wood and clay instead of the usual non-stick products that i use, nyahaha.


we ate before the cooking demo, and i can’t remember what the dishes were called anymore, charot. but everything’s good and surprisingly mid-ground imo. what i mean is, nothing’s too spicy, too sweet, or too salty.


i took a video of the whole baking demo but haven’t exactly cleared out the noise, would share it… someday, haha. i’ve baked cookies and other pastries before, but the sanikulas cookies are made of arrowroot flour and coconut milk. the dough is pressed with special wooden moulds… also, there are no electric mixers here, everything’s done by hand so… okay din siyang pang-exercise, lolz.


sanikulas cookies! the designs are intricate and pretty, and we got to eat them while they’re still warm, noms. they’re so good that i bought two boxes. in case you’re wondering, that’s a stuffed tarsier guarding the cookies.


atching lilian also made cookies with the pope’s image, this was when everyone was preparing for the papal visit, and we were allowed to take pixxors but were told not to release them until these were shown on tv. on a side note, i got so many hugs from atching lilian, she was so nice! hugs and cookies, my day was made at that point.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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