bonifacio day tour november 2014 part one: the walk

Posted on: February 22, 2015


so i joined a walking tour on november 30th, which is bonifacio day here in the philippines. for those who don’t know andres bonifacio, he’s one of this country’s national heroes. you can wiki search him too, heehee. we started the tour at tutuban plaza, you’d find a statue of him in the middle.


after some preliminaries, we walked to the kkk founding site. there are markers along the way, complete with bits of information about the site… totally reminds me of the good old grade school days when we’d literally inhale our history textbooks before an exam.


on a side note, the area is sort of filthy and had a lot of funky smells, my neo’s almost got destroyed here. i wish the government would spend our taxes in cleaning the streets and sanitation.


we also dropped by the site where the kalayaan was printed, beside the marker are some bags of trash and a homeless family. insert same wishful thinking as above, haaaay.


we also checked some old houses along the streets, they’re obviously been left to rot, but they’re still pretty in a way, specially the intricate designs that are in the woodworks.


we also dropped by the house where antonio luna was born, he’s another national hero. his place is somewhat cleaner and even had our flags all over.

bonifacio day fb

final stop for the bonifacio day tour was binondo church. i did mention before that i’m not extremely religious and not particularly interested in church history but i did like this church’s architecture, also it’s lined in a beautiful shade of red.


we had to cross carvajal market to check out some buildings and stuff that’s not part of the bonifacio tour, it’s usually crowded and there are usually lots of good stuff like fruits and meat and chinese cold drinks, although not bumping into a mad chinese auntie or having wares in front of your face was kind of ok too.

so eun, had a blast walking around and taking pixxors… learned a few new things about bonifacio and uh… the state of our streets in manila. on a side note, this was a good exercise, might try other walking tours soon!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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