ilocos november 2014 part six: pagudpud arch x herencia restaurant x paoay church

Posted on: January 12, 2015


before we left pagudpud, we dropped by the town’s welcome arch. it was sort of hard to get a pixxor of it because there were a lot of cars and buses that are coming at every few intervals. did manage to get one where my hand was steady. oh hai there kat!

ilocos november 2014
ilocos november 2014

class pixxor… we were a lively bunch, kahit seven lang. on a side note, i think it’s better to travel with a smaller group rather than a big one… mas madali tandaan mga pangalan ng tao, hahaha. these guys were so nice though.


we had lunch at herencia restaurant in paoay, which i’m covering first because this adventure is really getting long and i want to finish all the sidetrips already, charot.


the place reminded me of our old house in quezon, kind of like a mix between the old and the new. i remember the old house having the same seats and dividers, similar mirrors, lamps, and tabletops. i haven’t explored the whole of the restaurant, but there could be secret passageways too, heehee.


anyhoo, the food was ozuuuum, pinakbet and bagnet on a pizza? yes, please. we also had vigan longganisa, which is as good as the lucban version just less salty. i also ordered pasta ilocana, which is spaghetti with longganisa and olives and a mound of cheese. i took a weird pixxor of it and my oc self can’t post it here.

ilocos november 2014
ilocos november 2014

teh happy travellers. o masaya lang dahil sa pizza? hahaha! this is one of the reasons why i try to travel as much, eating with other people is kind of nice, specially when you’re used to chinese takeout everyday. you get to share your thoughts over good food, and uh… well they don’t get to see me a lot anyway and probably won’t care if i eat like a cow, lols. after stuffing ourselves with all that pizza we went to…


paoay church, from the side… it looks so old compared to the building beside it.


still from the side, the heat was on an all time high at this time, but had to endure that to get this pixxor.


i’m not the most religious person but i like this church, it reminds me of an old grandma, the strong classy kind… i had one who used to scold me a lot but then you can’t not forgive her since she was partly basque and was so pretty, kind of like this church.


it was very dark and cold inside, i had to adjust the pixxor settings… i found the sunbursts in the tiles interesting, might dig in to the church’s history sometime. braved the heat again, when i went out, then we were off to the next stop.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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