ilocos november 2014 part four: kabigan falls x patapat viaduct

Posted on: January 4, 2015


our next stop was kabigan falls in pagudpud, we had to walk a bit to get there, about thirty minutes to an hour depending on your pace.

ilocos november 2014

we started early in the morning and mr. sun wasn’t trying to give us heatstroke yet, so i’ve had a very pleasant walk (also thanks to dad for giving me my eddie bauer adventurer bag which has adjustable chest and waist braces, it felt like i wasn’t lugging around so much stuff like i did in pinatubo… please get me more trailhead bags, hahaha. #shameless)


there were lots of little huts that sell buko or coconut juice if ever you get thirsty or are in need of uh… electrolytes, heehee.


we found some carabaos too. they look slightly underfed, but they just kept eating grass on their own spots… or we didn’t look tasty enough, nyahaha.


and the trail won’t be complete without narrow paths, little rivers, and bamboo bridges… was half expecting to find totoro and friends with all that forest. and after all that walking (not so much, haha) hello…


giant faucet… err, kabigan falls! the water was extremely relaxing, both just ogling it… kind of just like when staring at the ocean, and when going in to it. the water was cold, perfect for cooling off since last i checked hoomans are still warm blooded, hahaha, char.


we lounged around for a bit, and you can sit in the rocks, and observe the place and… uh, try to be one with nature… transform into a mushroom or something, lol.


or, you can look at the sky and go zen mode too… just don’t fall asleep. we trekked back after about an hour and…


our next stop was patapat viaduct… achully, i’m not so sure now, but since we only stayed there for a short time, i’m including it in this post.



not much to see in the area except the landslide mitigation shizz by the hillside and the deep blue sea and of course…


the patapat viaduct a.k.a. long loopy bridge of laoag, ilocos norte… if you can’t teleport to cagayan, you can take this bridge. oh and it’s pretty too.

ilocos november 2014
ilocos november 2014

so eun, before leaving, make sure to take selfies muna with happy people, todo smile ang mga to, abot hanggang tenga, haha.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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