ilocos november 2014 part three: bangui windmills

Posted on: December 28, 2014


i was most excited to go to bangui, ilocos norte to see their windmills. i’ve only seen windmills in my old grade school earth science books, lolz. was most happy when we arrived at the site…

for a very popular tourist spot, the place didn’t have annoying sellers getting in your face and asking you to buy their stuff. they just sat there in their little huts and patiently smiled as you take your time choosing which color of miniature windmill you’d like to take home, heehee.


the sun can be unforgiving and will fry you. but there are lots of shaded areas where you can escape it for a bit.


but i kind of stayed in the sun and sand for about ninety five percent of my stay there and here i am wondering why i never get back to my original skin color… there’s plenty of stones in the sand, you can balance them when you get tired of ogling the…

ilocos november 2014

giant electric fans… err, windmills! they say the windmills lowers the electric bills of the people of ilocos by so much, not to mention they’re really pretty… wish our tax money can go to projects like these instead.


when i got really fried, decided to lounge around in one of the huts and i found one kitteh…


two kittehs…


three kittehs! so eun, windmills and cats, this was one ozuuum stop!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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