ilocos november 2014 part two: cape bojeador’s lighthouse x burgos wind farm x kapurpurawan rock formation

Posted on: December 22, 2014


we went to burgos, ilocos norte afterwards where our first stop was cape bojeador’s lighthouse or burgos lighthouse, duh. it was built during the spanish period and it still works, mind, looming over burgos like a boss, a giant white boss.


to get to the lighthouse, we had to ascend some stairs ala super mario brothers, you’ll know what i’m talking about when you visit the place personally… although the lighthouse didn’t have a helpless-always-kidnapped princess, it did have interesting floor tiles, lolz.


just met the other participants a few hours ago when these were taken, so glad they were not the maarte kind.


did i say it just stands out there like a boss? it’s so tall, it won’t even fit in the viewfinder.


you get a nice view of the sea too from up top! on a side note, for some reason, this reminds me of a someone i really really like, ay sauce!


the stairs pixxor, cue super mario theme.


learned that there are also windmills in burgos, so good to know that ilocos’ taxpayers’ money goes to something that actually benefits them. also, they’re really pretty.


we encountered more stairs going to kapurpurawan rock formation… cue super mario theme again, haha. whoever makes the stairs in ilocos must have really big feet.


after the stairs you have to get into this canopied walk and i was trying to get a shot of the clearing when one of the other participants, christian… his hand and uh, long-ish arm appeared out of nowhere. i thought the pixxor got more interesting… cue taylor swift’s out of the woods song, haha.


you’ll find lots of other interesting stuff in the area like worn out huts and benches, little ponds and little flowers, a sculpture with some crocodile action, crude stone bridges, little travellers, ehem, haha.


and then, we went to see gamabunta and gamakichi, hahaha! kapurpurawan rock formation in all it’s royal limestone rockiness. it looks sublime but i was also reminded of naruto’s giant frogs gamabunta and gamakichi, when i saw this, heehee. it’s not going to last forever, so make sure to take pixxors of it too, not just selfies with it as your background in case you’re yet to visit it.


we got to eat dragonfruit after ogling the rock formations, it gave me superpowers, haha. well, not exactly, but it does have lots of vitamin c. so eun, part three is up next!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

2 Responses to "ilocos november 2014 part two: cape bojeador’s lighthouse x burgos wind farm x kapurpurawan rock formation"

luv it…thanks for sharing the ilocos escapade….

lablab po, heehee

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