ilocos november 2014 part one: st. augustine church of bantay and bell tower

Posted on: December 21, 2014

i was really looking forward to going to ilocos that i prepared three cameras for this trip, hahaha. so here’s my ilocos adventure in… err, eight parts! some photos are courtesy of monopoly deal master, kat chua.


we started the trip at bantay, ilocos sur, where we visited st. augustine church also known as bantay church. although i still believe in God, i’m not the most avid church goer, i just don’t feel that the church and politics should mix, and usually that’s what gets in the sermons so… anyhoo, i still appreciated how pretty the church is. also, it’s in the nicest shade of red.


my ever reliable chucks has been to ilocos, huzzah! they’re about to die, lol. but the shoes are so broken in that they’re the most comfortable pair that i have.


we ogled the… and uh… camwhored in the bantay bell tower. this bell was used as a watch tower during the old days. ‘bantay’ means ‘guard’ and this tower is one ozummm bantay, heto o…


the stairs literally welcome you!

there are dark spots with just a little light coming in from the small windows that make interesting pixxors…


you have a nice view of the town when you get to the top…



and if you’re brave enough, you can stand on the beams further up top and ring the bells, hee hee.


or you can just chill out on the stairs. here’s ate poms, still the best tour guide i have ever met, she made the whole trip super fun and even made sure i ate dinner when i was too sleepy. bonus, she’ll whack the kill joys out of the way, heehee.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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