legazpi october 2014 part two: legazpi city X mayon volcano x first colonial grill x lignon hill

Posted on: December 5, 2014


i explored the city a bit before i met up with maki, it was a quiet sunday, and i was able to take pixxors of the city hall and surrounding buildings with not much people milling around, huzzah!


was lucky to see mayon volcano without its usual cloud blanket, i used to just see this in the textbooks from gradeschool. would have loved to have seen the lava flows though, but maybe next time…


noticed that the soil in legazpi is highly organic. wala lang.


went to pacific mall to have lunch, they serve the soup for free, and then i got colonial liempo, which is pork belly in a special marinade, and heaps of rice. this was really good, kind of sweeter than the regular ones in manila. i also ordered their sili ice cream, which is ice cream made with chili pepper… not the biggest fan of it, it’s sweet at first then it’s spice level india, lols. i liked how pink it is though.


still had to wait for maki so i roamed around, and got another ref magnet, nyahaha! there’s so many souvenir stalls, but look for the one that sells stuff made from mayon’s volcanic ash, those are pretty cool.


finally met up with maki and we went up lignon hill by motorcycle, the ride up was so steep, i thought i was going to fall off. lignon hill is the hill nearby mayon volcano where there’s an observation area up top, it seemed like a great place to chill and just hang out with the bestfriend… fangirling on all the cute singkit boys, haha. i hope we could visit it again someday.


anyhoo, had to go back home the next morning, grabbed some pili tarts by the airport’s cafeteria, which looks like an old house complete with a fussy old lady, hahaha. so eun, this trip is the simplest one i’ve had this year, since i wasn’t on a tour and had to find places for myself but it was also one of the best since i actually had fun just wandering around and seeing things with no schedules to follow. will try this again!

yun lang.

♥ melai

2 Responses to "legazpi october 2014 part two: legazpi city X mayon volcano x first colonial grill x lignon hill"

Wow impressive nice place to visit decided to visit under the advice of theflowerduet blog.Glad I did.

thanks for visiting!

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