legazpi october 2014 part one: mayon backpackers hostel

Posted on: December 3, 2014

my bestfriend maki got a new job at philvolcs and one of the perks is getting her life in danger… err, getting to travel for free! mayon volcano was starting to cough up lava during the time so she had to go to legazpi and naturally… i went to see her, nyahaha!

my flight got delayed and i was really exhausted when i got to legazpi city late in the afternoon, instead of eating i headed directly to…


mayon backpackers hostel! it wasn’t really hard to find, they have painted signs pointing to the hostel everywhere. plus 10 direction skillz to me, hehehe!


i stayed in their cheapest room, called aguila. it cost php 250 per night, and i’ve had meals that cost more than that. the room was very clean and cozy. you’ll get pillows and a blanket and even a towel. i even appreciated the sheets, because they’re in pastels and aren’t horribly mismatched. let’s just say that i like my bedsheets to match.

the aguila room wasn’t airconditioned but it was cool, there are other rooms in the hostel that some might say are better… but i thought this was the best room because it was the closest to the wifi router, lols. i was able to access the internet while lounging around when the other travellers needed to go to the dining area for the free wifi. on a side note, no one else booked the room and i had it to myself for my entire stay there.


they also have some funny wall art, that make the place a little bit more friendly. i highly recommend this hostel because it has a blue and yellow tv, hahaha! if you’re looking for a cheap but clean and safe place to stay in legazpi specially when you’re meeting your volcano loving bestfriend, you should definitely try this place out. not bad for my first hostel experience, huzzah!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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