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i was most excited to go to bangui, ilocos norte to see their windmills. i’ve only seen windmills in my old grade school earth science books, lolz. was most happy when we arrived at the site…

for a very popular tourist spot, the place didn’t have annoying sellers getting in your face and asking you to buy their stuff. they just sat there in their little huts and patiently smiled as you take your time choosing which color of miniature windmill you’d like to take home, heehee.


the sun can be unforgiving and will fry you. but there are lots of shaded areas where you can escape it for a bit.


but i kind of stayed in the sun and sand for about ninety five percent of my stay there and here i am wondering why i never get back to my original skin color… there’s plenty of stones in the sand, you can balance them when you get tired of ogling the…

ilocos november 2014

giant electric fans… err, windmills! they say the windmills lowers the electric bills of the people of ilocos by so much, not to mention they’re really pretty… wish our tax money can go to projects like these instead.


when i got really fried, decided to lounge around in one of the huts and i found one kitteh…


two kittehs…


three kittehs! so eun, windmills and cats, this was one ozuuum stop!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai



we went to burgos, ilocos norte afterwards where our first stop was cape bojeador’s lighthouse or burgos lighthouse, duh. it was built during the spanish period and it still works, mind, looming over burgos like a boss, a giant white boss.


to get to the lighthouse, we had to ascend some stairs ala super mario brothers, you’ll know what i’m talking about when you visit the place personally… although the lighthouse didn’t have a helpless-always-kidnapped princess, it did have interesting floor tiles, lolz.


just met the other participants a few hours ago when these were taken, so glad they were not the maarte kind.


did i say it just stands out there like a boss? it’s so tall, it won’t even fit in the viewfinder.


you get a nice view of the sea too from up top! on a side note, for some reason, this reminds me of a someone i really really like, ay sauce!


the stairs pixxor, cue super mario theme.


learned that there are also windmills in burgos, so good to know that ilocos’ taxpayers’ money goes to something that actually benefits them. also, they’re really pretty.


we encountered more stairs going to kapurpurawan rock formation… cue super mario theme again, haha. whoever makes the stairs in ilocos must have really big feet.


after the stairs you have to get into this canopied walk and i was trying to get a shot of the clearing when one of the other participants, christian… his hand and uh, long-ish arm appeared out of nowhere. i thought the pixxor got more interesting… cue taylor swift’s out of the woods song, haha.


you’ll find lots of other interesting stuff in the area like worn out huts and benches, little ponds and little flowers, a sculpture with some crocodile action, crude stone bridges, little travellers, ehem, haha.


and then, we went to see gamabunta and gamakichi, hahaha! kapurpurawan rock formation in all it’s royal limestone rockiness. it looks sublime but i was also reminded of naruto’s giant frogs gamabunta and gamakichi, when i saw this, heehee. it’s not going to last forever, so make sure to take pixxors of it too, not just selfies with it as your background in case you’re yet to visit it.


we got to eat dragonfruit after ogling the rock formations, it gave me superpowers, haha. well, not exactly, but it does have lots of vitamin c. so eun, part three is up next!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

i was really looking forward to going to ilocos that i prepared three cameras for this trip, hahaha. so here’s my ilocos adventure in… err, eight parts! some photos are courtesy of monopoly deal master, kat chua.


we started the trip at bantay, ilocos sur, where we visited st. augustine church also known as bantay church. although i still believe in God, i’m not the most avid church goer, i just don’t feel that the church and politics should mix, and usually that’s what gets in the sermons so… anyhoo, i still appreciated how pretty the church is. also, it’s in the nicest shade of red.


my ever reliable chucks has been to ilocos, huzzah! they’re about to die, lol. but the shoes are so broken in that they’re the most comfortable pair that i have.


we ogled the… and uh… camwhored in the bantay bell tower. this bell was used as a watch tower during the old days. ‘bantay’ means ‘guard’ and this tower is one ozummm bantay, heto o…


the stairs literally welcome you!

there are dark spots with just a little light coming in from the small windows that make interesting pixxors…


you have a nice view of the town when you get to the top…



and if you’re brave enough, you can stand on the beams further up top and ring the bells, hee hee.


or you can just chill out on the stairs. here’s ate poms, still the best tour guide i have ever met, she made the whole trip super fun and even made sure i ate dinner when i was too sleepy. bonus, she’ll whack the kill joys out of the way, heehee.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


i explored the city a bit before i met up with maki, it was a quiet sunday, and i was able to take pixxors of the city hall and surrounding buildings with not much people milling around, huzzah!


was lucky to see mayon volcano without its usual cloud blanket, i used to just see this in the textbooks from gradeschool. would have loved to have seen the lava flows though, but maybe next time…


noticed that the soil in legazpi is highly organic. wala lang.


went to pacific mall to have lunch, they serve the soup for free, and then i got colonial liempo, which is pork belly in a special marinade, and heaps of rice. this was really good, kind of sweeter than the regular ones in manila. i also ordered their sili ice cream, which is ice cream made with chili pepper… not the biggest fan of it, it’s sweet at first then it’s spice level india, lols. i liked how pink it is though.


still had to wait for maki so i roamed around, and got another ref magnet, nyahaha! there’s so many souvenir stalls, but look for the one that sells stuff made from mayon’s volcanic ash, those are pretty cool.


finally met up with maki and we went up lignon hill by motorcycle, the ride up was so steep, i thought i was going to fall off. lignon hill is the hill nearby mayon volcano where there’s an observation area up top, it seemed like a great place to chill and just hang out with the bestfriend… fangirling on all the cute singkit boys, haha. i hope we could visit it again someday.


anyhoo, had to go back home the next morning, grabbed some pili tarts by the airport’s cafeteria, which looks like an old house complete with a fussy old lady, hahaha. so eun, this trip is the simplest one i’ve had this year, since i wasn’t on a tour and had to find places for myself but it was also one of the best since i actually had fun just wandering around and seeing things with no schedules to follow. will try this again!

yun lang.

♥ melai

my bestfriend maki got a new job at philvolcs and one of the perks is getting her life in danger… err, getting to travel for free! mayon volcano was starting to cough up lava during the time so she had to go to legazpi and naturally… i went to see her, nyahaha!

my flight got delayed and i was really exhausted when i got to legazpi city late in the afternoon, instead of eating i headed directly to…


mayon backpackers hostel! it wasn’t really hard to find, they have painted signs pointing to the hostel everywhere. plus 10 direction skillz to me, hehehe!


i stayed in their cheapest room, called aguila. it cost php 250 per night, and i’ve had meals that cost more than that. the room was very clean and cozy. you’ll get pillows and a blanket and even a towel. i even appreciated the sheets, because they’re in pastels and aren’t horribly mismatched. let’s just say that i like my bedsheets to match.

the aguila room wasn’t airconditioned but it was cool, there are other rooms in the hostel that some might say are better… but i thought this was the best room because it was the closest to the wifi router, lols. i was able to access the internet while lounging around when the other travellers needed to go to the dining area for the free wifi. on a side note, no one else booked the room and i had it to myself for my entire stay there.


they also have some funny wall art, that make the place a little bit more friendly. i highly recommend this hostel because it has a blue and yellow tv, hahaha! if you’re looking for a cheap but clean and safe place to stay in legazpi specially when you’re meeting your volcano loving bestfriend, you should definitely try this place out. not bad for my first hostel experience, huzzah!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


i went to buy some watercolors at heykessy’s and they also happened to have a bring your own benta fair going on… there were a lot of nice prints, pins, and stamps, and other pretty things.

i didn’t spend a lot of time ogling though, i was sort of early and it seems like the sellers weren’t on accomodating mode yet, they were all preoccupied with something at the time… i usually approach people who look, err, neighborly…  lols, introvert problems. i did buy a bookmark and some pins from a girl who smiled a wee bit.


i fared better with the nice lady from lotus pod, she gave me lemongrass iced tea, it was so good. they also sold herbs and organic stuff, growing plants is kind of like my secret super power, so i had fun looking around here. tapos… umuwi na ako, hahaha. might go again if they have an interesting theme next time.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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