davao september 2014 part three: sunset beach x blue jaz resort

Posted on: November 10, 2014

2014-09-06 12.00.36
2014-09-06 12.00.29

we took a ferry to samal island in sasa wharf. it cost around ten php only! got to see davao from a higher view, that boat was really big and high, also got to see buses and cars get out from it’s belly. that was a cheap and fun ride.


a ship that was docked nearby, not so impressive but it looked clean. it’s definitely faring better than our government’s rusty warship somewhere over at ayungin shoal. i had just read an article about it before going to davao. it will probably remain that way and we could only hope it doesn’t disintegrate…


anyhoo, we finally arrived at sunset beach in samal island. it was really humid that day and that we rented a small hut… i was instantly reminded of the hot summers i spent in a little hut at the back of our ancestral home in quezon province. i used to run around and pick up weeds in the heat and the ocean was just beyond the corner and it was glorious… then the memories end there, sunset beach was one of the dirtiest resorts i’ve ever been to.

i’m able to stomach dirt and was trained to eat what was served, walang reklamo and all, but this resort’s facilities are way dirtier than what i’ve seen in other ones before. sure, the little huts were ok and ours even had a cutesy patterned curtain but but but… the washrooms and pathways were filthy and miserable.


we brought good food though, care of honey, and there were cats which sort of made up for the unsightly facilities of the place. we talked for a bit and lolled at stuff, and then we slept. the others probably went out sometime but i decided to just sleep through…


next morning, i bought coke for some caffeine fix from this store. you’ll have to get past giant sea monsters… err, i mean lots of huts, people milling around, people who are too drunk, people having sex in tents, and uh, huge tree roots to get to this store.


we headed over to blue jaz resort afterwards, i almost fell off the tricycle going to this place, nyahahaha!


the place is way cleaner than sunset beach and it also helped that when we went there, it was a bit cloudy.


we lounged around under big wooden umbrellas and ate leftovers while bumming around. it was a pleasant and slow that day and jb was providing all our wifi needs so it was pretty good.

2014-09-07 07.14.40
2014-09-07 07.16.43
2014-09-07 07.16.55
2014-09-07 07.17.05

we took selfies too, the beach views weren’t spectacular but the water was clear and that’s good enough. i also had a great time pestering jb, hehehe.


nyles and i got henna tattoos, i got a flower one just above my non-existent right boob. this was destroyed the moment i put on my backpack, lols.


there was an ongoing school event at the resort and they had food being sold only to the students, i went ninja mode and bought some chicken skin and mango shake!


and then we all finally ran out of food, got bored, and went back to the city on a pirate themed boat.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

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