35th manila international book fair

Posted on: October 27, 2014

IMG_3112 - Copy

i almost missed this year’s manila international book fair, realized that the event was already ongoing when i saw people hoarding books in my newsfeed, lol. was able to drop by on the last day and there were still lots of people milling around.

IMG_3076 - Copy
IMG_3075 - Copy

immediately went to see fully booked’s artwork, it’s pretty cool just like last year’s. kind of like outer space meets the ocean.

IMG_3078 - Copy
IMG_3079 - Copy
IMG_3080 - Copy

dropped by adarna house, they have cute books! was super interested in the supremo shirts… those are for kids though and i felt really old going to this booth. haha.

IMG_3101 - Copy
IMG_3096 - Copy

went to tahanan books and stayed here mostly because their booth is so pretty. they even had balloons arranged like trees… mango trees, i think.

IMG_3097 - Copy
IMG_3100 - Copy
IMG_3099 - Copy
IMG_3102 - Copy

they showcase all the philippine stuff… filipino stories, filipino food, the philippine alphabet, all that sort. i bought the ‘inside manila with kids’ book, because of the artwork. it was old though but was on sale and had nice tips inside.

IMG_3095 - Copy
IMG_3094 - Copy
IMG_3093 - Copy

they also sell the funniest cards with engrish stuff and…

IMG_3092 - Copy
IMG_3091 - Copy
IMG_3090 - Copy

the cheapest, most sensible, fun paper pads, stamped with lines like ‘iisipin ko pa’ and ‘mamaya maya’.

IMG_3089 - Copy
IMG_3088 - Copy
IMG_3085 - Copy

and lots more of the sort, specially liked the ‘planner ng pasaway’. i almost bought it but decided i didn’t want my planner to be ‘pasaway’, heehee.

IMG_3103 - Copy
IMG_3104 - Copy

other stuff that i found interesting was a spanish movie poster that had paper cut design and the rex book museum, it had an egyptian theme to it which didn’t really go with the crown logo but still looked pretty royal though.

IMG_3111 - Copy
IMG_3107 - Copy
IMG_3109 - Copy
IMG_3106 - Copy

they also sold plants and seeds this year! bookworms and plant lovers unite, hahaha! i wish they’d sell succulents too, some of the flower seeds are pretty hard to grow in our climate. so eun, went home after ogling the plants, i hope they’ll have more of these next year.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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