rurouni kenshin: kyoto taika-hen/densetsu no saigo hen

Posted on: October 20, 2014


everyone else has probably watched the sequels to the rurouni kenshin live action, so i’m just documenting on this post… haha, i’ve been backpacking on some weekends and reading on some so… anyhoo, i watched kyoto taika hen on its opening day and densetsu no saigo hen on its first weekend. both movies were ozummm. here’s the trailer…

oha oha. there were lots of memorable dork moments in kyoto taika hen such as the kabuki play about the first movie and kenshin running around with a paper pinwheel, those were priceless. densetsu no saigo hen didn’t have any dork moments although there was a funny scene during the fight with sanosuke and anji.

the fight scenes were spectacular in both movies, but i thought the best ones were kenshin’s fight with cho where he walks away after seeing kaoru, kenshin losing to soujiro, who’s super cute by the way, and the final battle with shishio specially the part where he kills yumi because… lots of blood, i mean that is some kind of dedication to one person.

i only wish they’d shown more of the other juppongatana, i wanted to see kamatari wield a scythe but he… uh, she just stood there on the beach. guuuuh. would aslo love to see more of usui too. they should have definitely added more chemistry between kaoru and kenshin, although that last scene was was so cute. also, more megumi and more saito stances too please.

and then there’s the ost, one ok rock’s ‘mighty long fall’ and ‘heartache’ made me stay in my seat while the credits were rolling. over-all, ozuuuum movies are ozuuuum, i hope they continue the story from the manga, which has a better ending imo, heehee.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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