boracay august 2014 part four: d’talipapa

Posted on: October 13, 2014

the last time i went to d’talipapa, it was pouring and we had to wade in the water because the place had a horrible drainage system, it was a challenge shopping and documenting but on this trip, mr. sun was present and the roads and sand were dry. was able to go to the back part where they sold gold and giant monsters… err i mean food!


since i came to boracay with my family, we were going to cook instead of eat at fancy restaurants so we brought some meat and super fresh vegetables here. anyhoo, they sold meat but i was really fascinated with the different clams and mollusks and shellfish. the patterns and shapes are amazing, oh and also they’d be perfect simmering in white wine if you were cooking and wanted something fancier than the usual ulam.


took my little sisters around the front part where they sold non-food stuff, both went to look at clothes and uh, girl stuff, hahaha. they sell too many clothes here but they’re a bit too flimsy for me, so i looked around for the usual handicrafts… so yes, they have wooden penises, haha. i found some wooden cats too and wooden kitchenware. there were painted ukuleles, seashells, and a bunch of other native products to ogle at.

it was kind of nicer buying stuff and not having to wade around in water, was able to get a heartshaped shell and uh, yes another ref magnet, heehee.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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