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i almost missed this year’s manila international book fair, realized that the event was already ongoing when i saw people hoarding books in my newsfeed, lol. was able to drop by on the last day and there were still lots of people milling around.

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immediately went to see fully booked’s artwork, it’s pretty cool just like last year’s. kind of like outer space meets the ocean.

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dropped by adarna house, they have cute books! was super interested in the supremo shirts… those are for kids though and i felt really old going to this booth. haha.

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went to tahanan books and stayed here mostly because their booth is so pretty. they even had balloons arranged like trees… mango trees, i think.

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they showcase all the philippine stuff… filipino stories, filipino food, the philippine alphabet, all that sort. i bought the ‘inside manila with kids’ book, because of the artwork. it was old though but was on sale and had nice tips inside.

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they also sell the funniest cards with engrish stuff and…

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the cheapest, most sensible, fun paper pads, stamped with lines like ‘iisipin ko pa’ and ‘mamaya maya’.

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and lots more of the sort, specially liked the ‘planner ng pasaway’. i almost bought it but decided i didn’t want my planner to be ‘pasaway’, heehee.

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other stuff that i found interesting was a spanish movie poster that had paper cut design and the rex book museum, it had an egyptian theme to it which didn’t really go with the crown logo but still looked pretty royal though.

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they also sold plants and seeds this year! bookworms and plant lovers unite, hahaha! i wish they’d sell succulents too, some of the flower seeds are pretty hard to grow in our climate. so eun, went home after ogling the plants, i hope they’ll have more of these next year.

yun lang.

♥ melai



everyone else has probably watched the sequels to the rurouni kenshin live action, so i’m just documenting on this post… haha, i’ve been backpacking on some weekends and reading on some so… anyhoo, i watched kyoto taika hen on its opening day and densetsu no saigo hen on its first weekend. both movies were ozummm. here’s the trailer…

oha oha. there were lots of memorable dork moments in kyoto taika hen such as the kabuki play about the first movie and kenshin running around with a paper pinwheel, those were priceless. densetsu no saigo hen didn’t have any dork moments although there was a funny scene during the fight with sanosuke and anji.

the fight scenes were spectacular in both movies, but i thought the best ones were kenshin’s fight with cho where he walks away after seeing kaoru, kenshin losing to soujiro, who’s super cute by the way, and the final battle with shishio specially the part where he kills yumi because… lots of blood, i mean that is some kind of dedication to one person.

i only wish they’d shown more of the other juppongatana, i wanted to see kamatari wield a scythe but he… uh, she just stood there on the beach. guuuuh. would aslo love to see more of usui too. they should have definitely added more chemistry between kaoru and kenshin, although that last scene was was so cute. also, more megumi and more saito stances too please.

and then there’s the ost, one ok rock’s ‘mighty long fall’ and ‘heartache’ made me stay in my seat while the credits were rolling. over-all, ozuuuum movies are ozuuuum, i hope they continue the story from the manga, which has a better ending imo, heehee.

yun lang.

♥ melai


treated my sisters to halowich, which is a little dessert place at d’mall. the place looked nice and the color scheme was in my favorite color and it would have been cozy but there were too many people and annoying little spoiled brats fighting over ice cream when we went.


so i think the youngest got some green tea ice up top. this looks like the regular halo halo. the eldest, uh yeah, ehem, by that i mean me… i got some mango ice. it’s mango shake, nothing special though. and the middle one got mango holic, which she shared with me. this was soft serve mango ice cream and it was really really good.


my baba (chin) one and baba two. my sisters’ personalities are worlds apart, but they have this habit of protruding their necks and chin when getting their pixxors taken, hahaha. tapos umuwi na kami.

yun lang.

♥ melai

the last time i went to d’talipapa, it was pouring and we had to wade in the water because the place had a horrible drainage system, it was a challenge shopping and documenting but on this trip, mr. sun was present and the roads and sand were dry. was able to go to the back part where they sold gold and giant monsters… err i mean food!


since i came to boracay with my family, we were going to cook instead of eat at fancy restaurants so we brought some meat and super fresh vegetables here. anyhoo, they sold meat but i was really fascinated with the different clams and mollusks and shellfish. the patterns and shapes are amazing, oh and also they’d be perfect simmering in white wine if you were cooking and wanted something fancier than the usual ulam.


took my little sisters around the front part where they sold non-food stuff, both went to look at clothes and uh, girl stuff, hahaha. they sell too many clothes here but they’re a bit too flimsy for me, so i looked around for the usual handicrafts… so yes, they have wooden penises, haha. i found some wooden cats too and wooden kitchenware. there were painted ukuleles, seashells, and a bunch of other native products to ogle at.

it was kind of nicer buying stuff and not having to wade around in water, was able to get a heartshaped shell and uh, yes another ref magnet, heehee.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

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