corregidor island july 2014

Posted on: September 14, 2014


got invited by nyles from work to go to corregidor island last july and since i didn’t have plans at the time yet, i decided to go. we arrived at sun cruises’ jetty at around seven in the morning and manila bay looked pretty but there’s still too much trash, the water was murky black. on a side note, we boarded mv bay cruiser with a lot of time to spare. with nyles, it’s usually five minutes before the gate closes and some running-brisk walking to catch the aircraft or watercraft is involved, lol.


we arrived a few hours later at corregidor island, we didn’t get the usual package but decided to just roam around on our feet, was kind of envious of the tour group who were boarding the tranvia. but then i just got off work and hadn’t had time to eat yet, i’ll just probably get ill and fall off, hahaha!


passed by some large guns and a tsunami siren while we were looking for corregidor inn. thought the guns looked pretty well maintained, but then again, they were used to kill people…


corregidor has signs all around though and we didn’t have problems locating the in, maki will be pleased to see that the signs are in english and japanese, there’s also chinese translations but it would have been better if there were some korean too.

corregidor july 2014 fb

we found corregidor inn! it sort of reminds me one of those colonial houses in quezon province, which have hidden stairways and passages! this hotel probably has a lot of secrets too. it’s on top of a hill so if you’re going there by foot, leg strength is a must, char.

corregidor july 2014 fb
corregidor july 2014 fb

to satisfy our hungry stomachs, we immediately headed to la playa, the hotel’s restaurant. we chose the seats that were al fresco and we got some awesome views of this tadpole-shaped… some say sperm-shaped island, heehee. we camwhored while waiting for the food.


breakfast is served, huzzah! nyles got some fried fish but because i’m not that much of a health buff, it’s tocino with lots of vinegar and fried rice and eggs and iced tea for me! either this was really good or i was extremely hungry, the price was kind of expensive at around 200 plus php for this breakfast but i understand that the food are being delivered by boat to this island so that was ok.


after eating, we walked around the beach. there’s still trash but not as bad as manila bay’s. there were also some interesting stones scattered around, i forgot what they are called but they are the ones that are used in rock balancing.

corregidor july 2014 fb
corregidor july 2014 fb
corregidor july 2014 fb

we ventured into the dock afterwards and after the food, this was the best part of our adventure, the water around here isn’t so dirty so we were finally able to see some nice colors and the air was exceptionally cool too so we were able to camwhore a bit.


we walked a bit more uphill this time and we found the entrance to the war memorial zone, the air is humid here so we didn’t trudge forward that much but we did find some nice views of corregidor.


eventually had to get back to the hotel and we bought ice cold cokes for 75 php each but that’s still  cheaper than the 100 php ones in mount pinatubo. we chatted with a foreigner who’s a book writer and an elder couple from vigan who were keen on conversation that i forgot i was tired from all that walking.


bought a souvenir while waiting for the tranvia that would take us back to docks, another magnet to stick to the refrigerator, hahaha. on the other hand, noticed that the tiles in this area had a pretty vintage pattern.


one more pixxor before leaving! it’s great that the hotel had some large mirrors, for the the occasional selfie, you know. papa tiger is on the right, he’s the foreigner we talked to and he calls himself that, sounds cute for a jolly person. really enjoyed this trip to corregidor, and planning to come back sometime to do the history lesson… err the actual tour to the barracks and batteries.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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