toycon 2014

Posted on: August 17, 2014

late post is late. went to this year’s toycon on a whim, maki wanted to see the ruroken costumes and it was a good opportunity to annoy her again with my obnoxious singing of akb48’s koi suru fortune cookie, wahahaha.


we’re big fans of the live action… not sure who maki likes but i’d watch anything with aoi yuu… so pretty! the costumes were cool although it would’ve been more ozumm if they included kenshin’s sakabatou. they could have displayed the nice kimonos the female characters wore too.


there were also tons of iron man and marvel themed toys. maki and i both wanted the bear brick in a mark seven (i think).


after dodging cosplayers, we found vader boy! huzzah! there was a vader boy toy exhibit which i missed some months back, so i was really happy to see the these, they’re too expensive though.


got some game of thrones stuff, i think i got maki a jon snow bag tag, lols, my little fan girl best friend. regretted not getting the mini godzillas though. other notable stuff are the kigurumis… but but buuuut maki literally dragged me away from that stall… there was a maid costume with a cat scarf, fun hats, and spotted this sailor moon figure before we left.

this year’s toycon’s still chaotic and the entrance lines are long as ever, but still fun. it’d be nice to see next year’s or maybe it’s just too much fun trying to annoy maki with overly cute things, heehee.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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