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for some reason, the japan foundation didn’t plan on showing any films this year at the up film center, was originally planning to watch a film there but since they weren’t, i had no choice but to fall in line for one hour and thirty minutes at the cinemas at shang which meant an hour and thirty minutes enduring high school and college kids milling about noisily talking about homework and professors and making me feel so much older, hahaha!

tamako in moratorium

i had several choices but what appealed to me most was moratoriumu tamako or tamako in moratorium in english. it’s about a girl who graduates from college and then goes back home but only sleeps and eats and doesn’t try to find work or do chores at home, lol. i really like atsuko maeda, who is the lead in this film, because of her akb48 cuteness and then i kind of suck at household chores so i had to watch it. here’s the trailer…

this makes me want to go to kofu, yamanashi prefecture, haha. it’s where the film was shot and the place is so pretty, watching tamako in moratorium is like lounging around on a warm summer day. going back though, watching someone do nothing has never been this pleasant, sometime in the film, we find out that tamako doesn’t really know what to do with her life yet, and lots of people can relate to that, we all have those moments. the father is endearing too, he obviously loves tamako so much too, that he tolerates her not finding work and such.

in the end, things just fall into place, tamako’s dad finally gets the courage to tell her to go to work, and tamako replies ‘good answer.’ or something to that effect… the seasons pass by and tamako transforms from bum to independent kid by the end of summer… and i even got inspired to clean a little, hahaha!


this year’s eiga sai was super. i still got the handouts from the previous years, this year they have a newsletter! yaaaaay! i hope they show films again at up next year.

yun lang.

♥ melai


late post is late. went to this year’s toycon on a whim, maki wanted to see the ruroken costumes and it was a good opportunity to annoy her again with my obnoxious singing of akb48’s koi suru fortune cookie, wahahaha.


we’re big fans of the live action… not sure who maki likes but i’d watch anything with aoi yuu… so pretty! the costumes were cool although it would’ve been more ozumm if they included kenshin’s sakabatou. they could have displayed the nice kimonos the female characters wore too.


there were also tons of iron man and marvel themed toys. maki and i both wanted the bear brick in a mark seven (i think).


after dodging cosplayers, we found vader boy! huzzah! there was a vader boy toy exhibit which i missed some months back, so i was really happy to see the these, they’re too expensive though.


got some game of thrones stuff, i think i got maki a jon snow bag tag, lols, my little fan girl best friend. regretted not getting the mini godzillas though. other notable stuff are the kigurumis… but but buuuut maki literally dragged me away from that stall… there was a maid costume with a cat scarf, fun hats, and spotted this sailor moon figure before we left.

this year’s toycon’s still chaotic and the entrance lines are long as ever, but still fun. it’d be nice to see next year’s or maybe it’s just too much fun trying to annoy maki with overly cute things, heehee.

yun lang.

♥ melai

went to see mount pinatubo last month… because i wanted to conquer a mountain (or volcano) before i get any older, lol. chose this mountain because it’s close to manila and they said it was good for beginners.


we arrived at capas, tarlac a wee bit earlier than scheduled so we had to wait at the pay parking. the place had some hibiscus serving as a canopy in one of the stores. thought those were pretty.


special thanks to my sponsor for my shoes, hahaha. i’ve really taken a liking for this brand. also, those shoes remained fine after going through several kilometers of trudging through rock, sand, and rivers…

mount pinatubo fb

and then we were off! we started with the 4×4 ride. got paired with other solo travellers in the red one! pretty lucky it had a roof, some had none, and it was going to be an hour’s worth of sun and dust in the 4×4.


we watched the others drive past while we were waiting for the guy who was on a bike… err that’s his job i think, from anyhoo, the area has a very beautiful and quiet feel to it, if there were no tracks, one would probably think it is deserted. we’ve seen people walk by though, some rode carabaos, and some were riding motorcycles.

mount pinatubo fb

i was in grade school when mount pinatubo erupted, i remember it rained ash in our hometown in bulacan and it was dark even at noon. after that destructive phase though, we were left with the most awesome of views.

mount pinatubo fb

we arrived at the jump off point… the other participants looked so healthy and they were in their full trek glory, lol.

mount pinatubo fb
mount pinatubo fb
mount pinatubo fb

the trail was mostly flat, with lots of rocks. i’m used to walking in the kms and can usually do the 2 kilometer walk from sm fairview to my home in about 15 minutes more or less… but, but, but i miscalculated and carried too much stuff, which i had to lug around in the heat and then there were the uneven rocks and rivers we had to cross that made the 7 kilometer walk to the crater last hours.

mount pinatubo fb

at last we reached the last kilometer! this was a lush trail filled with tadpole infested rivers and plant life, it was also cooler here.



and then finally, the summit crater lake! oh, it was breathtaking! the water reminded me of those kiwi lime stuff maki drinks all the time, heehee. we had lunch here, and lounged around looking at the wonderful view.

mount pinatubo fb
mount pinatubo fb

class pixxor daw, hahaha! some of the photos are from tin, the little girl on the left, decked in purple clothing. so eun, my skin got burned, my feet and legs got sore, i got some scrapes but everything was worth it… made new friends, took in some awesome sights…  this was one of the best adventures i’ve ever had yet.

yun lang.

♥ melai


this year’s cake is brought to you by tetsu ojisan care of maki! this was really good, super fluffy and not too sweet… i ate a third in one sitting! on the other hand, had a really ozummm birthday. visited my sister and niece, who took this pixxor. then ate out and watched guardians of the galaxy, which is my second marvel favorite after the winter soldier (because so many bucky feels, heehee)!

they say you find out what you really want in life when you reach 28 years and i did. i did see that there is more to life… (long story, lol) and now at 29, i’m just so excited to continue my adventures, to get sad, to get happy, to get whole… to eat more cheesecake din, hahaha!

yun lang. thanks to all who greeted! huzzah!

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.