boracay july 2014 part three: helmet diving x parasailing x island hopping

Posted on: July 23, 2014

water activities are a main pastime in boracay, it was a good thing mr. sun showed his face on our second day there. so we decided to…

boracay july 2014 fb
boracay july 2014 fb
boracay july 2014 fb

ay teka selfie muna, hahaha. our guide was nice enough to take our pixxors, i had a bunch of camwhores with me so… ayan. i’ve only started solo traveling this year, and it’s slightly embarrasing for me to take selfies. so having people to pose with and act all touristy felt super.

boracay july 2014 fb

we started off with helmet diving… although, it was only jb and me. so uh, just to make things clear, jb isn’t my boyfriend. he’s a good friend who acts as a a comic relief for all of us when he quips about things… but he has absolutely no ounce of sweetness towards me, tried hugging him once, you know, a good friendly hug like the way i hug my other friends, but he just swatted me. wahahahahaha!

so there, we just got stuck together because the other pair, ms. bhing and nyles, are more inseparable. but still jb is good company who can converse intelligently and most of the time is a gentleman, haha.


and since ms. bhing and nyles did not want to do the dive, i got stuck with him again which was good because i had to hold on to resident stingy because i was being dragged by the water. anyhoo, helmet diving was fun, we fed the pretty fish that all seemed like they haven’t eaten in days. they ate the bread so fast it was gone in minutes.

boracay july 2014 fbboracay july 2014 fb

since we did not drown from helmet diving, we tried parasailing afterwards. ah well, yes, after more selfies on the boat…

boracay july 2014 fb

parasailing is where they strap you on to a big chute and they let you hover around in the air for some fifteen minutes. it was nice to see boracay way up high, i mean it was that beautiful it made me forget that i was really high up and that the only thing that was keeping me safe was a single rope connected to the boat. so there, real ozzzummm experience.


i didn’t go snokeling though, because i don’t even know how to float, lol. might learn to swim someday… but i did enjoy the island hopping thing, which wasn’t exactly island hopping since we only went to one island. but the sights were pretty cool, there were mini islands all over and the big ones are full of secrets… i mean interesting rock formations.


the island we got to was nice, it had a pretty clean beach and everything was quiet for a while…


also we were so hungry, we decided to have lunch there… everything was so expensive though, like i don’t get how salted egg with tomatoes or adobong kangkong cost the same as small bowl of ramen in manila. we had no choice though so…


chopsuey and sinigang it is. was just so happy to eat, hehe. after being dumped more ten feet into the water, strapped into a parachute and dragged around by a boat, and getting everything waterlogged… something to warm up your stomach would be the best. oh yes, everything was a blast.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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