boracay july 2014 part one: kalibo x la carmela de boracay

Posted on: July 20, 2014

so lucky that my work family loves going places, after our davao adventure last year, this time we had planned a boracay trip and it was nothing short of ozummm.

boracay july 2014 fb

we arrived at kalibo international airport at around noon after about a 45 minute flight from manila like a bunch of wee excited kids… from left we have our stage mother, boss manager bhing, crush ng bayan nyles, clueless eating machine me, and stingy miser curry in the pot forever jb. hahaha!

boracay july 2014 fb

we had lunch first at the nearby kubo since boracay is still two hours away. i had some grilled pork and whatever vegetables the cook was able to throw in, lol. it was ok.


the two hour ride from the airport to the seaport was eventful. i thought we had the van for ourselves and we were lounging around when suddenly the driver stopped and picked up passengers… it would have been ok but some of them were creepy. being paranoid, weird things were going in on my head like what if this were all a scam and they would take all our kidneys. hahaha, yes, i’m partly crazy. was so relieved when we reached the seaport.

didn’t really get to take pixxors of our boat ride ride to boracay island and the tricycle ride to our hotel, although my boss made me sit in front of the trike because she feared i’d fall off. it was partly a joke but i kind of appreciated it since usually no one really takes care of me when i go out on adventures. and so we finally reached…


la carmela de boracay… it’s a cozy little hotel that has the same name as me, oha! it’s not the fanciest but it is clean and breezy, and the staff are nice. of course, there’s a pool and there are little rest areas that are filled with plants and benches… good for pondering and books!

boracay july 2014 fb
boracay july 2014 fb

free breakfast is also included in the accomodations, had some juice and heaps of rice, egg, sausages, ham, and fish, and dun dun dun… canned fruit! it’s still fruit, anyway. we stuffed ourselves and poked fun at selfies, masterminded by our stage mother.

boracay july 2014 fb

the best thing about the place though is it’s right smack in the middle of the beach. you get to see all the mermaid colors up close!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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