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was hoping we could get to roam around and check cafe’s and stores before we left boracay, but the rain was trolling… one moment it would be light drizzles, then gone, then pouring like crazy, but we did manage to get into


la crepe cafe… it’s somewhere on the beachfront and it’s in the middle of a makeshift spa place and fruit shake place. not so bad if you wanted a massage and eat and drink something sweet at the same time. they have a little fenced off area, cute way to make the customer’s use the counter, heehee.

boracay july 2014 fb

we ordered the la boracay, it was mangoes and chocolate and vanilla ice cream. nom nom nom.


we got lost afterwards and found boracay books, it’s kind of nice to find a bookstore in boracay island. it was full of second hand romance books. didn’t find anything interesting at the time so wasn’t able to get anything. we bought a few more things though at d’talipapa and trekked back to our hotel because the rain was trying to drown us. then of course, we gorged ourselves on the morning of our flight back to manila and ate even more by the kubo at the airport, hahaha!

so eun, this is the last part of our july boracay adventure, and i really had a great time! will come back next month with some ozzzumm people! huzzah!

yun lang.

♥ melai


water activities are a main pastime in boracay, it was a good thing mr. sun showed his face on our second day there. so we decided to…

boracay july 2014 fb
boracay july 2014 fb
boracay july 2014 fb

ay teka selfie muna, hahaha. our guide was nice enough to take our pixxors, i had a bunch of camwhores with me so… ayan. i’ve only started solo traveling this year, and it’s slightly embarrasing for me to take selfies. so having people to pose with and act all touristy felt super.

boracay july 2014 fb

we started off with helmet diving… although, it was only jb and me. so uh, just to make things clear, jb isn’t my boyfriend. he’s a good friend who acts as a a comic relief for all of us when he quips about things… but he has absolutely no ounce of sweetness towards me, tried hugging him once, you know, a good friendly hug like the way i hug my other friends, but he just swatted me. wahahahahaha!

so there, we just got stuck together because the other pair, ms. bhing and nyles, are more inseparable. but still jb is good company who can converse intelligently and most of the time is a gentleman, haha.


and since ms. bhing and nyles did not want to do the dive, i got stuck with him again which was good because i had to hold on to resident stingy because i was being dragged by the water. anyhoo, helmet diving was fun, we fed the pretty fish that all seemed like they haven’t eaten in days. they ate the bread so fast it was gone in minutes.

boracay july 2014 fbboracay july 2014 fb

since we did not drown from helmet diving, we tried parasailing afterwards. ah well, yes, after more selfies on the boat…

boracay july 2014 fb

parasailing is where they strap you on to a big chute and they let you hover around in the air for some fifteen minutes. it was nice to see boracay way up high, i mean it was that beautiful it made me forget that i was really high up and that the only thing that was keeping me safe was a single rope connected to the boat. so there, real ozzzummm experience.


i didn’t go snokeling though, because i don’t even know how to float, lol. might learn to swim someday… but i did enjoy the island hopping thing, which wasn’t exactly island hopping since we only went to one island. but the sights were pretty cool, there were mini islands all over and the big ones are full of secrets… i mean interesting rock formations.


the island we got to was nice, it had a pretty clean beach and everything was quiet for a while…


also we were so hungry, we decided to have lunch there… everything was so expensive though, like i don’t get how salted egg with tomatoes or adobong kangkong cost the same as small bowl of ramen in manila. we had no choice though so…


chopsuey and sinigang it is. was just so happy to eat, hehe. after being dumped more ten feet into the water, strapped into a parachute and dragged around by a boat, and getting everything waterlogged… something to warm up your stomach would be the best. oh yes, everything was a blast.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

boracay july 2014 fbboracay july 2014 fb

we decided to go to d’talipapa to buy a few things… it’s like divisoria, only so much cleaner but with a horrible drainage system, hahaha. it rained that day and we had to wade in the water just to buy some souvenirs.


this is probably the best place for a keepsake in the whole island, they sold so many trinkets, pens with cute toppers, colorful ref magnets, and slippers in all shapes and sizes, they even have watermelon shaped ones.


the best items for me though were the native crafts and those that were made with local materials. there was a place that sold suits made of coconuts, lol. there were pretty shells and puka accessories, ukuleles and maracas too. i got some egg shakers!


we also got some customized keychains, chose a purple surfboard shaped one, heehee. the artist had untintentionally made color splatters on the sidewalk. he probably doesn’t care about it but it kind of looks interesting.

boracay july 2014 fbboracay july 2014 fb

i guess after all that shopping, we got really hungry, we picked a random seafood buffet restaurant and ate everything…


filled my plate with mussels and clams! noms. those were so good. also had some adobo, and ampalaya on a rice mound. takaw lang!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

so lucky that my work family loves going places, after our davao adventure last year, this time we had planned a boracay trip and it was nothing short of ozummm.

boracay july 2014 fb

we arrived at kalibo international airport at around noon after about a 45 minute flight from manila like a bunch of wee excited kids… from left we have our stage mother, boss manager bhing, crush ng bayan nyles, clueless eating machine me, and stingy miser curry in the pot forever jb. hahaha!

boracay july 2014 fb

we had lunch first at the nearby kubo since boracay is still two hours away. i had some grilled pork and whatever vegetables the cook was able to throw in, lol. it was ok.


the two hour ride from the airport to the seaport was eventful. i thought we had the van for ourselves and we were lounging around when suddenly the driver stopped and picked up passengers… it would have been ok but some of them were creepy. being paranoid, weird things were going in on my head like what if this were all a scam and they would take all our kidneys. hahaha, yes, i’m partly crazy. was so relieved when we reached the seaport.

didn’t really get to take pixxors of our boat ride ride to boracay island and the tricycle ride to our hotel, although my boss made me sit in front of the trike because she feared i’d fall off. it was partly a joke but i kind of appreciated it since usually no one really takes care of me when i go out on adventures. and so we finally reached…


la carmela de boracay… it’s a cozy little hotel that has the same name as me, oha! it’s not the fanciest but it is clean and breezy, and the staff are nice. of course, there’s a pool and there are little rest areas that are filled with plants and benches… good for pondering and books!

boracay july 2014 fb
boracay july 2014 fb

free breakfast is also included in the accomodations, had some juice and heaps of rice, egg, sausages, ham, and fish, and dun dun dun… canned fruit! it’s still fruit, anyway. we stuffed ourselves and poked fun at selfies, masterminded by our stage mother.

boracay july 2014 fb

the best thing about the place though is it’s right smack in the middle of the beach. you get to see all the mermaid colors up close!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

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