mrs. graham’s macaron cafe

Posted on: June 30, 2014


aside from bacon, nutella, cake, and bubble tea, we also have macarons as one of the basic food groups… hahaha! nah, those are my favorites narrowed down to five, so when maki wanted to have another food adventure, i suggested we go to mrs. graham’s macaron cafe.


the people manning the shop were too nice and they smiled while i ogled the pretty mugs and jars and glassware, i ordered butterbeer and let them choose the macarons… got one for free, huzzah! the butterbeer was the sweetest thing i had ever tasted, i thought i didn’t have a threshold for sugar level but this drink was just too sweet for me.

anyhoo, the macarons i got, in the first pixxor, were the fault in our stars bittersweet and hazelnut,  salted caramel, inside out smores,  mint chocolate, pancake with maple buttercream, and baileys! the second pixxor’s is maki’s set. i think those included bibingka with buttercream and salted egg, cookie dough, tequila rose, and white coffee… not sure about the rest though.


aside from macarons, the cafe looks so girly sweet… must take selfie with bestfriend! there are two macaron installations that serve as lamps, want those, hehe. and the tables are filled with flowers and toys. they even have…


macaron soaps in the restroom! i’m not big on bar soaps, having used liquid soaps for years, but i wouldn’t mind having macaron soaps, so cute!


after you’re done stuffing yourself with macarons, you can buy some trinkets and other fun stuff too! i bought an mt washi tape for half price! so eun, had a great time at mrs. graham’s… all those noms and cute stuff plus a really great place to egg your bestfriend about your life plans, lol. will definitely come back!

yun lang.

♥ melai

4 Responses to "mrs. graham’s macaron cafe"

I nominated you for an award on my blog

Have a blessed day!

so cute siobe ♥

i really love macarons, great pics

thank you ♥

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