beginner baking and coffee shop favorites

Posted on: May 18, 2014

maki knows i wanted to set up a cafe someday, yes, teh bestfriend knows everything from my taste in clothing to my dreams! so when she showed me an online discount on a baking class, i jumped at the chance. also, things like these make her a little more optimistic, like the way she’d find me maps and tell me i won’t get lost or tell me it’s a piece of cake, err cupcake in this case, haha.

i arrived on time at world citi colleges and headed to their culinary department, i knew the way because i checked the place a week before, lol.


world citi colleges’ kitchen probably isn’t as fancy as other schools’ but it was clean and and cozy. they had cute small electric ovens, might get one of those, intimidating medium sized steel gas ones, and a giant one at the back!


when all participants arrived, the chef brought out the baking supplies and gave us a rundown on beginner baking. i’m amazed at the bowls and measuring cups, and the cupcake liners were too cute. they’re like stationery and they’d make you feel kind of girly.


creaming and sifting were my favorite steps when we started because the electric mixer does everything for you and everything turns into cream like magic while sifting reminded me of err… noodles.


we started off with chocolate chip cookies, i made the batch up top, and then brownies, which were fairly easy, and then we helped each other out with the cupcakes. then we baked them!


cookies bake a little bit faster than the others, it was done after around fifteen minutes. these are chocolate chip and they turned out nicely and sweet.


the brownies were done after around twenty five minutes, then we melted some chocolate chips and drizzled that on top and added some marshmallows. the brownies were super fluffy and moist, was so good.


finally the vanilla cupcakes were done. these took a bit longer to bake, around thirty five minutes. they smelled so wonderful when they got out of the oven, they were kind of sweeter than i preferred but still fluffy!

never really thought i’d go back to school since i have no plans in getting an m. a. but might consider a few more baking classes since i really had a blast with this one, heehee. will bake again soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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