panagbenga 2014 part five: grand float parade x sizzling plate baguio x baguio athletic bowl

Posted on: March 11, 2014


i woke up the following day with a splitting headache but thankfully the tour guys took care of me aka gave me a sheet of advil, hahaha! we were late though, i think everyone kind of slept in and for that we had to walk through closed routes to session road. the grand float parade participants were already busy preparing in the streets but we caught one late float that’s made to look like a train. very creative!


and so our attempt to watch the grand float parade has failed. we ended up in the wrong side walk and this is the most decent pixxor i have, oh hai minions! lesson learned, i will invest in a monopod and tripod, which are very useful for events like these. dear kami-sama, please lessen our taxes, so we can save more.


we decided to eat instead because taking pixxors were futile at this point. there was a thick mass of zombi– err people and you can never get a decent shot without adding someone’s head. shane found another good place to eat, which was sizzling plate baguio. i know i know, we have this in metro manila as well but…


it was very inviting, from the ambiance of the place, and the funny waiters, and the smells wafting from the inside were mouth watering. we all had some murky looking soup which tasted ok, and roasted chicken for me, and steak for mai and shane.

after we all checked out of the hotel, we had some free time to do some last minute pasalubong shopping. but the three of us, mai, shane, and i went to the baguio athletic bowl instead. as suggested by one of the locals, since we were having a difficult time taking pixxors.


we made the right decision to go because we got to really see the floats and all the pretty flower design details up close. my favorites were the minions and the plants versus zombies themed ones! but the best one for me would be…


the float with my name, hahaha! this was that tv network in kamuning’s float. as i mentioned before, mai, up top, has the same name as me, so we both were eager to have our pixxors taken with this float.

i really enjoyed this year’s panagbenga festival. the highlights were of course, being able to see the colorful parades, finding small keepsakes, enjoying nature and breathing clean air, being able to travel by myself and take care of myself and zombies–i mean making new friends. will go back next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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