panagbenga 2014 part four: mines view park x wright park

Posted on: March 10, 2014

we all went to buy our pasalubong at mines view park which is nothing like a park but more like a maze of souvenir shops where they sell…


hand towels, bonnets, keychains, back massagers, and strawberry shaped purses and magnets… in heaps.


i found some cute minion and panda caps too but decided against buying because i thought i was too old already. but then again, i’m asian and could get away with it, i should’ve have bought the panda, hahaha!


they sell penises too, wooden ones; other fertility figures, oh and giant spoons and forks, and bowls.


all the food preservatives in the world! err, i mean jars upon jars of strawberry jam, peanut butter, peanut brittles, pili nuts, and crinkles.


one of the stalls where you can buy shirts that profess your love for baguio city or… strawberries.


they sold plants too, mostly cacti and garlands of a flower the locals referred to as ‘everlasting’.


if harry potter was filipino, he’d ride one of these brooms, lol. i was looking for the smaller version of the rainbow colored brooms, the ones which you could use on your keyboard but all i found were the large ones. must find one when i get back!


and lots and lots of fruit! although people would mostly ignore the others and go for the strawberries, i gorged myself with a kilo.


our final itinerary for the day was wright park, all of us were too tired already though and we didn’t stay long. was able to take a pixxor of the pool of pines, it’s pretty cool and the flowers are nice but they should definitely clean the water. and no, that tree was not going to fall off.


ended the day with strawberry taho, which were sold in front of the park. it reminded me of cough syrup but it was ok, it was warm and brimming with sago.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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