panagbenga 2014 part three: camp john hay x country home X everything nice

Posted on: March 6, 2014

after the grand street dance parade, we headed to camp john hay for lunch. it’s a very pleasant place, with lots of trees and flowers and most importantly… food!


since my two companions are still full, we just roamed around for a bit. the cap john hay trade and cultural center really needs a paint job or maybe they could cover it with washi tape, hehe.


there’s lots to see here, i found the pathways interesting. they could be used as patterns for photoshop. oh hai again, my trusty old pair of chucks. and then of course…


flowers! lots and lots of flowers. i think this is a good sign, makes me realize i’m still a girl, lol. there were so many people trying to take a photo of this installation though, took some ninja skillz to get a pixxor without any one of them.


the camp sold pretty hanging plants and cacti, and even lucky jade! would’ve bought some if i wasn’t touring with a group. so we just walked around and found that


there’s always something pretty growing in the sidewalks and in the little nooks and crannies of this place.


the trees there are perfect too, they won’t protect you from rain, but they’re the breezy kind and will partially give you some shade while you still enjoy a little warmth from the sun. and then


more flowers! my favorite were the pink ones. will definitely buy some when i get back! anyhoo, while mai and shane were exploring other stores and stuff…


i found a little shop called country home, it sells a lot of items that are ‘country style’, taylor swift would be pleased. i’m more of a color-block person when it comes to decorating but i liked some things…


i thought the tableware, teapots, and the little vegetable decors were cute. i bought one of the chevron mugs in the middle!


they have dolls too but i like the piggy banks more. they look small in the pixxor but those were huge.


the store had a ceramic wellington boot in the corner, the owner said she was planning to put umbrellas in it, i thought that was smart. but the most ozumm items were…


these witty signs! ‘will trade coffee for gossip’ will be perfect for my neighbors, haha. and ‘i kiss better than i cook’ definitely applies to me!

we were hungry by this time and shane had found a nice looking restaurant called…


everything nice cake shop and cafe. shane is like a girlier version of maki, who keeps finding new places for us to eat and who’s been my eating buddy ever since. on a side note, i will bring maki here if we ever go to baguio. the shop though, lives up to its name, everything is nice.


this is one of my favorite pixxors, their steel grating doormat was pretty intricate. i hope i can find a similar one for my house din.


their interiors are just simple and clean, with glass windows that make the place look bigger than it is.


the cakes and pastries would probably appeal to maki more though, hahaha! their cassava cake is the softest and the best i’ve ever tasted.


they have pretty and nice customers too, not to mention camwhoring ones. and finally, the most important of all…


they have delicious food! mai had gambas and soup, which looked nice but i didn’t really get to taste them but shane and i had baguio longganisa served with balatinaw rice, which is organically grown and goes through a more rigorous process than regular rice, plus, two eggs.

baguio longganisa is kind of a cross with your regular ones and that of longganisang lucban–the one that sells like hotcakes in quezon province and squirts oil when cooked. ang hirap i-explain, hahaha! but yeah, it’s really really good! the bottomless pit that is my stomach was very happy.

the three of us lounged around here before we had to go to our next stop in the tour. never had more fun with people i just met just the previous night.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.

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