panagbenga 2014 part one: green valley hotel

Posted on: March 3, 2014

i found a travel agency called travel factor on another blog and they do tours all over, one of those, is a trip to baguio for the panagbenga festival. i decided to join since it’s been years since i’ve been to baguio and i haven’t seen the festival live. so i’ll be sharing my adventure here in five parts!


we arrived at green valley hotel, takes about twenty minutes tops to get there from victory liner, before we turned into ice lollies. i was wearing my uniqlo light down but it was still so cold. i wonder if those native statues were freezing too.


the hotel had a vintage feel to it, like an old country club or old mansion in the middle of the mountains in japanese movies, you know, the ones that never run out of fog… and mysteries. hahaha!


at least the inside of the hotel was a bit warmer. they had a native thing going on too. they had a nice table at the lobby with wooden statues for its legs.


the amenities were ok, although i will not dare go swimming when the temperature is lower than 0 degrees. on a side note, lots of cute korean boys were hanging out in these places.


and to keep up with the native theme, they reflected this in the art hanging in the walls. i specially liked the tapestry with the dancing couple. it looked better in constrast to the sign next to it. hahaha!

despite the lack of telephones and wifi, which could be a good thing for people who want to get unplugged, the place is pretty nice over-all and the ambiance is pleasant, the staff are smiley and accommodating too. oh, and again, it is infested with cute koreans!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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