vanilla cupcake bakery

Posted on: February 10, 2014


went to vanilla cupcake bakery last week to catch up with my favorite ccod, monique. one thing i like about my friend is that she has no qualms when it comes to food. i can probably take her to all the cutesy fancy patisseries and i’m sure that there won’t be any ensuing gagging from the sugar overload. haha. we were greeted by


a wide assortment of cupcakes… from classy red velvets and chocolate covered cupcakes to strawberry vanillas and candy sprinkled ones. just looking at them makes me happy.


noms! after much deliberation, we settled for some vanilla iced tea and red velvet cheesecake, coffee walnut salted caramel, cotton candy, strawberry, and banana nutella cupcakes. however since our stomachs are probably bottomless pits…


more noms for us! we also ordered some shrimp linguine and mushroom pasta, and whipped fish dip. sino nga ang matakaw? hahaha! and here’s everything…


because they have the most ozummm plates and bowls. these make me want to buy new tableware.


also, here’s me and monique, because pretty girls eat pretty food. hehehe. the food and tableware aren’t the only nice things though…


their furniture is nice too, especially the mix and match, flowery, and girly girl chairs in all the sweet pastel colors. we lounged around for a few hours in all the prettiness while talking about the good old days and good old friends and yes, girl stuff. tapos…


we took these home pa, hahaha! even the cupcake boxes are pretty. so eun, really had fun in cupcake heaven, looking forward to more food adventures soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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