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late post is late… went to the up fair a few days back. it was the last fair night and parokya ni edgar is playing so ang dami dami daming tao. i kind of started at the back part of the sunken garden then worked my way up, just to avoid getting trampled. IMG_1253 IMG_1254 IMG_1255 IMG_1279 IMG_1281 same old rides but different organization funding… we’ve got that octopus ride, ferris wheel, flying fiesta kind of, dart booths, and that giant training board for rock climbing. these are also known as magsyota rides and attractions, hahaha. kumakain yan ng mga magsyota. IMG_1285 my attempt at watching bands has failed, lol. kumusta naman, several hundred meters of tao! i went treasure hunting instead… IMG_1266 swap watches … not a fan of it but they have a really cool booth. IMG_1258 IMG_1259 books and comics of course, thor is looking mighty fine over there. IMG_1262 IMG_1256 sm youth … wish i could have gotten them as a sponsor back in my college days. they’ve got a nice truck filled with shirts and scary bouncers, err, guards? IMG_1263 up shirts, i wanted the witty ones, wish they had my size. o hai there, ate! IMG_1268 IMG_1270 kpop stalls … there were some carrying big bang merchandise, maki would spazz kaso ayaw niya pumunta ng fair, haha. IMG_1264 IMG_1280 IMG_1282 stationery and trinkets and… penises. i think these are pens or usb caps. i got some washi tape and some writing pads though. IMG_1271 IMG_1277 cheap thrills … they sell really cheap stuff too like glowing toys and native purses. your hundred pesos will go a long way and you’ll still have some change left. IMG_1289 fossilized flowers … i thought these were pretty. there were lots of flower headdresses that were being sold too. and after looking around for stuff and knick knacks, i head to the food. IMG_1284 good day coffee … what a nice name for coffee and the promise of good flavors to lift your mood, huh? IMG_1265 IMG_1278 oh yes, milk and bubble teas pa ren ang binebenta sa up fair. specially liked the you only live once tea. yolo! IMG_1298 IMG_1299 tapos, the perfect way to end the day is with the warm and loving smells of tapa at rodics… see the tower of rodics boxes? anyhoo,smells lang kasi naubusan ako ng kanin.  hahaha! will come back next year. yun lang. ♥ melai

last week maki and i went to sebastian’s katipunan to buy a boyfriend, and not just a boyfriend


but a matinong boyfriend and matinong girlfriend! we endured heavy traffic just for these artisan ice creams.


shared these with maki, matinong girlfriend is the one on the left. according to the sign, it’s dark chocolate rum ice cream with cookie butter chunks and cinnamon roasted almonds. i ate most of it, hahaha. maki’s a horrible alcohol person.

on the other hand, matinong boyfriend is raspberry sorbet swirled with vanilla whipped cream ice cream. may i add that it looks very pretty, it has the most beautiful shade of red i’ve ever seen in ice creams.

i’m not a big fan of ice creams but whoever made these is an ozummm food artisan. will try the other flavors soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai


went to vanilla cupcake bakery last week to catch up with my favorite ccod, monique. one thing i like about my friend is that she has no qualms when it comes to food. i can probably take her to all the cutesy fancy patisseries and i’m sure that there won’t be any ensuing gagging from the sugar overload. haha. we were greeted by


a wide assortment of cupcakes… from classy red velvets and chocolate covered cupcakes to strawberry vanillas and candy sprinkled ones. just looking at them makes me happy.


noms! after much deliberation, we settled for some vanilla iced tea and red velvet cheesecake, coffee walnut salted caramel, cotton candy, strawberry, and banana nutella cupcakes. however since our stomachs are probably bottomless pits…


more noms for us! we also ordered some shrimp linguine and mushroom pasta, and whipped fish dip. sino nga ang matakaw? hahaha! and here’s everything…


because they have the most ozummm plates and bowls. these make me want to buy new tableware.


also, here’s me and monique, because pretty girls eat pretty food. hehehe. the food and tableware aren’t the only nice things though…


their furniture is nice too, especially the mix and match, flowery, and girly girl chairs in all the sweet pastel colors. we lounged around for a few hours in all the prettiness while talking about the good old days and good old friends and yes, girl stuff. tapos…


we took these home pa, hahaha! even the cupcake boxes are pretty. so eun, really had fun in cupcake heaven, looking forward to more food adventures soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai


misdo … when i was getting my hair colored, i noticed some japanese signs just across the salon… found out it was a mister donut cafe! seems like they’ve been around for a while now, (haha, i should really really go on more adventures!) anyhoo, mister donut is the largest donut chain in japan, so i’m very happy to have found one here. it’s called ‘misdo’ there, just like the way they say ‘kombini’ for convenience store, and so shall then henceforth be used in this blog. heehee.


they have new donuts in all the pretty colors, and of course, pon de rings, do-ssants, and crullers. nom nom nom. they sell them cheaply too, crullers for twenty nine pesos, huzzah!


and they also have the source of life… err, i mean coffee… excellent coffee. the coffee smells in this cafe are enough to keep you awake.


they have pon de rick, misdo’s mascot on the box covers, he’s cute. i hope they put pon de lion too. in the end i got two happy boxes, and gorged myself with assorted pon de rings and crullers. they’re super soft! will definitely visit misdo every now and then, i hope they have character themed donuts soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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