instax mini 8 kumamon

Posted on: January 27, 2014


i got my first instax camera! huzzah! i’d been meaning to get one ever since fujifilm launched the mini 8’s, the pretty ones in pastel colors. but i found a much better mini 8 version some weeks back and after some musings, i finally bought it, and we all lived happily ever after, lol.


kumamon! i found him one day while looking for a new mouse, he was looking at me with those round bear eyes like he was saying, ‘buy me now or i shall violently haunt you in your dreams’, hahaha. kumamon is the most popular yuru-kyara or a pr mascot for the japanese government, specifically for kumamoto prefecture. he’s probably the coolest one too because he’s described as half deranged, drug addicted, and ahem, potentially violent bear that is also super adorable. ozuuum, huh?

the box has the camera of course, instructions (mostly in japanese), a strap with a bead as red as kumamon’s cheeks, bubble wrap which i already popped, and kumamon stickers! the seller threw in a box of film too, but i still got it for a lesser price because i paid for it in cash… (because i said no to credit cards years ago) yes, be proud of me. hahaha! fujifilm made only about five thousand of this version, makes it more special!


my first print! looks like kumamon had a bright idea, haha, there’s no way to turn off the flash but i learned that it can be muted by covering it with some electrical tape. i’m pretty happy with my first instax, but i’m hoping to get a wide format one soon. so eun, off to take pixxors nao!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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