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i got my first instax camera! huzzah! i’d been meaning to get one ever since fujifilm launched the mini 8’s, the pretty ones in pastel colors. but i found a much better mini 8 version some weeks back and after some musings, i finally bought it, and we all lived happily ever after, lol.


kumamon! i found him one day while looking for a new mouse, he was looking at me with those round bear eyes like he was saying, ‘buy me now or i shall violently haunt you in your dreams’, hahaha. kumamon is the most popular yuru-kyara or a pr mascot for the japanese government, specifically for kumamoto prefecture. he’s probably the coolest one too because he’s described as half deranged, drug addicted, and ahem, potentially violent bear that is also super adorable. ozuuum, huh?

the box has the camera of course, instructions (mostly in japanese), a strap with a bead as red as kumamon’s cheeks, bubble wrap which i already popped, and kumamon stickers! the seller threw in a box of film too, but i still got it for a lesser price because i paid for it in cash… (because i said no to credit cards years ago) yes, be proud of me. hahaha! fujifilm made only about five thousand of this version, makes it more special!


my first print! looks like kumamon had a bright idea, haha, there’s no way to turn off the flash but i learned that it can be muted by covering it with some electrical tape. i’m pretty happy with my first instax, but i’m hoping to get a wide format one soon. so eun, off to take pixxors nao!

yun lang.

♥ melai


i’m lucky to have a sister who loves me enough to know what books i’d swallow in a heartbeat, lol. she gave me a nice artsy one called


french milk by lucy knisley. it’s second hand, but worn out books are usually better. sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you’d find some pressed flowers! anyhoo, french milk is about the author’s stay in france, only, it doesn’t just have text, she’s included drawings and doodles too.



it’d be nice to go on an adventure and draw about it. this book’s very funny and informative at the same time. when i think of france, what comes to mind are… pastries, hahaha! french milk makes me want to visit paris someday and have a picnic at the foot of the eiffel tower; gorge myself with macarons at laduree and foie gras at cafe procope; ogle naked bodies at the museum d’orsay; and visit palais de tokyo, maki would love this! oh and don’t forget the cute french boys. hihi.


i’m not a big fan of milk because of the smell and i chugged bubble tea while i read this book… but i might try the ‘lait’ in france because the author was raving about it, lol. on a side note, milk comes in tubes in paris, how ozummm is that?

yun lang.

♥ melai

i inherited my dad’s wiry hair, the strands are thick that it takes more than two hours to air dry, lol, it’s a rebel too. it would take hours to curl and only an hour to straighten back. but my biggest issue with it, is that it’s too, err, black. how? my sister has finer hair and when she’s out in the sun, her hair gets these brown colors but i only get… black. i wanted to soften things a bit so i decided to go famous


salon that is. it’s a pretty salon which has wifi, food, hip interiors, and where the staff are friendly, wear uniforms, are most likely highly paid that i feel they won’t butcher my, ahem, virgin hair. don’t get me wrong, hehe. kesa naman tatanungin ka ng mga friends mo if buhay pa yung hairdresser mo, di ba? famous salon did a good job, ninja pixxors coming up…


warming up … here’s me before they did anything. my hair was so black, they asked me if i had it colored black. amf.


marinating … i let the stylist decide what hair color is best, i think they used a brown schwarzkopf one, i have no idea how to pronounce that and had no idea how it would look like. it took a long time to do this, i finished several pvz games.


baking … i also have no idea what that rotating thing is, i’m not a regular at salons, lol. looks like something from outer space. i didn’t mutate or anything though, hehehe.


frosting … after they rinsed out the color, they gave my hair something they called ‘treatment’… i thought it was coconut buttercream icing. and after a few more pvz games…


ready to serve na! it was perfect, some muted black was retained, mahirap daw talaga talaban yung buhok ko, hahaha, but i have pretty colors when sunlight hits my hair. yehey! so eun, my hair still smells like coconuts as of this writing, will definitely come back to famous.

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.