up lantern parade 2013

Posted on: December 23, 2013

was able to catch the up lantern parade this year! i’m not sure what the exact theme was but i’m guessing it’s something about the different regions of the philippines. there were a lot of designs…


there was a pretty large fish, which was my favorite, it had a nice combination of gold and red colors.


a colorful boat riding colorful waves.


grumpy looking sun and sleepy moon look like they had a love quarrel.


a muslim royal float? i’m not too sure but it was pretty too.


an ethnic statue. ok, i should have read the banners during the parade but there were so many college kids milling around…


this is a glowing bird, maybe a kiwi? i think it has superpowers, hehehe.


vinta lanterns! oh these were simple, compared to the larger ones but very cool. kind of like boats coming to shore during the night.


err, a folk band maybe? it was festive.


i thought this was something out of a sibika and kultura book. i like the pattern around the float, it looks like something woven from a loom.

so eun, i had a lot fun watching ozummm lanterns, will go again next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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