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was already near the bus terminals but i had to rush back home, actually, to get my dying ge camera before going to san fernando for the giant lantern festival. ahem, courtesy of miming who borrowed my ipad, hoho. he’s family anyway, no biggie. i should really get another camera though but but but… priorities. been saving up for some trips and then there’s the stock market… anyhoo, i was able to catch a later bus to dau and took another one to san fernando. huzzah!

by some miracle, i arrived ten minutes before the show, lol. i was able to find an excellent spot just in front of the trucks carrying the lanterns. by the pixxors’ angles, you can actually tell where i was standing, hoho.

first up was baranggay san pedro‘s lantern. it was a giant snowflake with rainbow colors.


it was followed by baranggay del pilar. their lantern had more christmassy colors.


i think baranggay sta. lucia was third place. it looked like a festive flower to me.


baranggay san juan nepomuceno had an angel! it was adorbs, but then it went on it’s disco-casino mode and turned into a giant bling roulette.


baranggay del carmen was in second place. it was very pretty. the kind that makes you feel all girly and flowery.


and then we have the winner, baranggay telabastagan! oh man, it was ozummm! it was in sync all the time with the music and it did this amazing half golden colors and half christmas colors thing.


baranggay san nicolas‘ lantern is a giant sun-star. my friend shane will love this one. plus, it was the most christmassy, it did say merry christmas!


and last but not the least, baranggay dolores‘ very nationalistic lantern! this parol is definitely for the filipino christmas.


they lit the lanterns again in sets and then all of them afterwards, my eyes feasted on all those colorful lights.


i’m slowly getting used to these bus rides all by myself, haha, but still, it’d be nice to be with max, miming, maki, shane and friends in these adventures. i’m hoping they’re not too busy next year. so eun, i heard pampanga has some exotic food, will go back soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai


was able to catch the up lantern parade this year! i’m not sure what the exact theme was but i’m guessing it’s something about the different regions of the philippines. there were a lot of designs…


there was a pretty large fish, which was my favorite, it had a nice combination of gold and red colors.


a colorful boat riding colorful waves.


grumpy looking sun and sleepy moon look like they had a love quarrel.


a muslim royal float? i’m not too sure but it was pretty too.


an ethnic statue. ok, i should have read the banners during the parade but there were so many college kids milling around…


this is a glowing bird, maybe a kiwi? i think it has superpowers, hehehe.


vinta lanterns! oh these were simple, compared to the larger ones but very cool. kind of like boats coming to shore during the night.


err, a folk band maybe? it was festive.


i thought this was something out of a sibika and kultura book. i like the pattern around the float, it looks like something woven from a loom.

so eun, i had a lot fun watching ozummm lanterns, will go again next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai


so i went to this year’s port 88 bazaar, huzzah! i go to bazaars like these because, they’re a treasure trove of cutesy but very useful, ahem, knick knacks. where else can you find…


bear and bunny umbrellas … i got the bear one! hahaha, perks of being an asian girl, you know. even in our late twenties we can still get away with this.


the most awesome drunk panda … punch drunk panda sells stuff printed with amazing art and adorkable panda goodness. i bought some pins here.


alphabet stamps … something for my wreck this journal. this will come in handy for future art projects too.


the quirkiest key rings … space guns, hamburgers, canon and nikon camera key rings. no explanation needed, hahaha!


monster butter … there were lots of food available at the bazaar but i already ate and would rather buy non-edible things but i got a monster butter jar in cookies and milk for my best friend maki, because food is the only thing i could have gotten her from the bazaar without her slapping me. the only things she finds cute are big bang merchandise, hahaha.


beautiful stationery and art stuff … yes, oh yes. i got some pretty message balls for me and my sister here, and dainty new colored pencils!


mustache bookmarks … some hipster bookmarks rocking the mustache trend, hahaha. these are cute, would have gotten some but i don’t use bookmarks anymore though, since i bought an ipad and read pdfs on it.


an assortment of washi tapes and more art stuff … i bought one tape and a sharpener only because i have too many na. wahahaha!


pretty sandals … the bazaar had tons of shoes, the prettiest ones are tutum’s and ichigo’s. didn’t buy any but i’m planning to get the silver one up top.


and yes, clothes. all that in one roof. i spy you little kitteh! oha oha, next year ulit!

yun lang.

♥ melai

my dad lives in the us and has his own family there while my sister lives with her husband and kid so we don’t get to see each other that much… plus we don’t really take family pictures, you know, those creative ones with all the props. so when my dad went balikbayan mode last month, i decided to take some, kahit super simple lang… kaya naman here are the…


haha, wait lang wait lang… eto na…


the montanos! it was fun, forcing my family to pose, hahaha. sana we can do a lot of formal and creative ones in the future.

yun lang.

♥ melai

was finally able to go to bloom arts festival this year and it was ozummmmm! i enjoyed looking at the…


murals … i’m not sure what the theme was but they were doing this real time… which was kind of cool. hehe. i liked the skull kitteh.


colorful paint … for silkscreening tees! this was a booth for artwork, would have made one but there were a lot of moms and dads and their kids fighting over the shirts when i was there. hahaha!


pretty art stuff … from crafts mnl. i got a mason jar and some pretty magnets. yehey!


more pretty art stuff for sale … haha, i got some pins from this booth.


graffiti? even the walls had something amazing. omnipotence… it’s the quality of having unlimited or great power.


i ogled some more prints… they’re everywhere, from nude sketches being sold on the side and adorable paintings the galleries inside the stores. the panda prints were my favorite!

so eun, after an hour or so of art overload, i walked several hundred meters back to work. sana i can go again to bloom arts next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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