gatchaman live action

Posted on: October 27, 2013


i still have a lot of backlogs because of too much… uh, reading, i’ve been doing, it’s all rick riordan’s fault, hahaha! anyhoo, maki and i watched gatchaman live action a few weeks back. i know there were a lot of complaints about it, but i actually liked it. teka, here’s the trailer first…

gatchaman! i’m not sure but the dubbed version was called g-force before and i used to watch it before going to school. so that was a loooong time ago and the live action was modernized with a compressed story and some of the effects weren’t that convincing. but but but, there were a lot of redeeming things in this movie.


the cast were eye candy … well maki has been spazzing over tori, who’s playing ken in the movie, for the last year, and the screen was showing giant close ups of his face, so yes more fangirling spazz and then gouriki reminded me of max. also, they wore ozummm suits that probably cost more than what they paid the effects guys. hehehe.

i also liked the way the way the villains say ‘ware ware wa’, it’s an old word for ‘we’ but kind of super formal. for some reason, i like the way it sounds. i tried to annoy maki by saying it everytime but i think she’s already immune to everything i throw at her. lol. and speaking of villains…

berg katse is an ozummm one! i think she has a deeper character than the rest, more than ken’s or jo’s. she also has amazing sword fighting skillz! strong villains are cool in my book, the harder to kill, the better, plus she looks like a cat too so that’s a bonus. so eun, i still enjoyed the movie, i hope they make a better sequel soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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