davao part four: francisco bangoy international airport x samal island

Posted on: October 2, 2013

our manager was set to arrive and we picked her up from the davao airport… yes the one with

IMG_0689ako at ang giant durian

the giant durian! and i kind of really wanted to have my pictures taken in front of it. bakit ba? hahaha! we had breakfast and then we were off to the seaport!


to get there we rode a tricycle and in davao, they have ozummm tricycles that can fit six to seven people… comfortably. hahaha!


we also rode a boat for two hours! i’m ok with boats and i don’t get seasick but i almost slid off jessa, the name of the boat. she needs to get an improved plank with handles. hahaha! and then finally, we trudged off to …



isla reta beach resort in samal island! it’s a beautiful place, you get to see an awesome view of the beach and there’s a lot of interesting plant life.


mermaid colors! i like the ultramarine blue hues in the deeper part. the water sparkles in the davao heat too, kind of like bling in the sea. hihi.


the sand is clean too and surprisingly warm but it’s full of shells, i got some scrapes, but that’s ok because i’m with


a bunch of happy people. laugh fest sa umaga, laugh fest sa gabi! my co-workers are the best! and we also ate


hipon, ok, i had some because it had butter and sprite and yes, i pretended to take pixxors of the coconuts at the back part of isla reta when i got breathless. hehe.


eggplant, i skinned one. hahaha, it was difficult.


squid, they were ok. tastes better with kalamansi.


kinilaw, a bit spicy for me, piled a lot of rice with it.  and


tuna, this was ozummmm and pretty healthy too. i was bloated and content afterwards.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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