davao part three: glamour crabs buffet

Posted on: October 1, 2013

we’ve finally reached the weekend and decided to eat crabs, oh yes. and then i found myself staring at the tarp of


glamour crabs buffet, it seemed like we were going to eat the gayest and most glamorous crabs in davao. hahaha!


siyempre, obligatory tourist pixxors! the place is a standout, i couldn’t really decide on what theme it had. the building itself had a native thing going on, but there were chinese lanterns and flags that looked like the national flag of lithuania. lol.


i liked the windows though, they reminded me of old ladies serving warm coffee or tea and biscuits. pero nandito nga pala kami para kumain ng


crabs. lots and lots of crabs. they didn’t look so glamorous but they tasted really good!  i loved the little yellow fatty stuff that came inside of them. yum!


i enjoyed the desserts too. it’s been a while since i had ube and maja, so huzzah! i also liked the brownie stuff, but i stockpiled most on fruit.


here’s my first serving, because the following ones looked like a mess! special thanks to honey and ella for helping me get to the crab meat. i have leveled up in my crab eating skillz!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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