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i still have a lot of backlogs because of too much… uh, reading, i’ve been doing, it’s all rick riordan’s fault, hahaha! anyhoo, maki and i watched gatchaman live action a few weeks back. i know there were a lot of complaints about it, but i actually liked it. teka, here’s the trailer first…

gatchaman! i’m not sure but the dubbed version was called g-force before and i used to watch it before going to school. so that was a loooong time ago and the live action was modernized with a compressed story and some of the effects weren’t that convincing. but but but, there were a lot of redeeming things in this movie.


the cast were eye candy … well maki has been spazzing over tori, who’s playing ken in the movie, for the last year, and the screen was showing giant close ups of his face, so yes more fangirling spazz and then gouriki reminded me of max. also, they wore ozummm suits that probably cost more than what they paid the effects guys. hehehe.

i also liked the way the way the villains say ‘ware ware wa’, it’s an old word for ‘we’ but kind of super formal. for some reason, i like the way it sounds. i tried to annoy maki by saying it everytime but i think she’s already immune to everything i throw at her. lol. and speaking of villains…

berg katse is an ozummm one! i think she has a deeper character than the rest, more than ken’s or jo’s. she also has amazing sword fighting skillz! strong villains are cool in my book, the harder to kill, the better, plus she looks like a cat too so that’s a bonus. so eun, i still enjoyed the movie, i hope they make a better sequel soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai



late post is late, maki, shane, and i went to watch eiga sai at the up film center again and this time we were able to catch rinco’s restaurant. i’d been looking forward to watching this because of the word restaurant… hahaha! i thought watching this was a good way to learn a little bit more about japanese food. when it comes to cooking, the japanese are such experts and they present their food beautifully. so here’s the trailer…

shokudo katatsumuri, which is the film’s japanese title. it means snail restaurant… which is the name of rinco, the main character’s, restaurant. she cooks in her own pace and takes time to put in the magic. and oh the food she whips up like je t’aime soup served in cute heart bowls, curry with pomegranates, steak with lots of herbs, and pretty pastries!


what makes rinco’s cooking more ozummm is that it somehow affects the people who eat it, when their relationships get better, or when their sadness goes away, or when their wishes come true. in the end, rinco’s own wish comes true when she cooks for herself! really enjoyed rinco’s restaurant, someday i’ll make a good je t’aime soup like her. hihi.

yun lang.

♥ melai

my best friend maki’s one of the most resourceful people i know and she always finds cool movies and gets the best deals and interesting stuff for us to do. i get life xp points whenever i’m with her, hahaha! but i can count on her the most when expanding the palate. she’s treated me to secret recipe at shang ri la mall a while back…


it’s a cozy place with light orbs and elevated tables, and silverware that my dad will approve. he always bends spoons when dining out, if the spoon doesn’t bend, then it’s a good restaurant. anyhoo, we ordered…


crispy chicken salad with spice level india. sobrang anghang grabe.


maki’s lasagna, i even take pixxors of her food, haha. note though that i rarely post food pixxors in facebook, i only document them in my blog and in twitter, which is kind of acceptable because it’s microblogging and of course, to annoy maki since she frequents twitter. lol.


prawn pasta with only… three hipon! gave the hipon to maki, everything else was good and i downed it with a


very tall glass of iced tea. we had cream cakes too.


strawberry and mango! reminded me of shinken pink and yellow. cake will always be ozummm in my book so, hehe. secret recipe is a nice place for cakes, will definitely come back!

yun lang.

♥ melai

one of the major reasons i was excited to go to davao is


coffee cat! it’s a coffeehouse of course, but currently they only have branches in davao and cebu. i do have a penchant for cats so i made sure to drop by.


they have pretty interiors, very warm and neat, and not as crowded the other local coffee places.


and their staff are friendly and smiley! they tried talking to me in bisaya too, i let the one who approached me talk for a minute, just so i can listen to the malambing bisaya tone. so adorbs!


they offer cute noms as well. but the best thing that they have are


mugs! because i’m really cheesy that i collect mugs from coffee places and restaurants. i am that easy to please, lol. and since it’s going to be awhile before i could go back to davao, i bought two!

and that concludes our davao adventure, the experience was super ozummm and i will definitely come back!

yun lang.

♥ melai

our manager was set to arrive and we picked her up from the davao airport… yes the one with

IMG_0689ako at ang giant durian

the giant durian! and i kind of really wanted to have my pictures taken in front of it. bakit ba? hahaha! we had breakfast and then we were off to the seaport!


to get there we rode a tricycle and in davao, they have ozummm tricycles that can fit six to seven people… comfortably. hahaha!


we also rode a boat for two hours! i’m ok with boats and i don’t get seasick but i almost slid off jessa, the name of the boat. she needs to get an improved plank with handles. hahaha! and then finally, we trudged off to …



isla reta beach resort in samal island! it’s a beautiful place, you get to see an awesome view of the beach and there’s a lot of interesting plant life.


mermaid colors! i like the ultramarine blue hues in the deeper part. the water sparkles in the davao heat too, kind of like bling in the sea. hihi.


the sand is clean too and surprisingly warm but it’s full of shells, i got some scrapes, but that’s ok because i’m with


a bunch of happy people. laugh fest sa umaga, laugh fest sa gabi! my co-workers are the best! and we also ate


hipon, ok, i had some because it had butter and sprite and yes, i pretended to take pixxors of the coconuts at the back part of isla reta when i got breathless. hehe.


eggplant, i skinned one. hahaha, it was difficult.


squid, they were ok. tastes better with kalamansi.


kinilaw, a bit spicy for me, piled a lot of rice with it.  and


tuna, this was ozummmm and pretty healthy too. i was bloated and content afterwards.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

we’ve finally reached the weekend and decided to eat crabs, oh yes. and then i found myself staring at the tarp of


glamour crabs buffet, it seemed like we were going to eat the gayest and most glamorous crabs in davao. hahaha!


siyempre, obligatory tourist pixxors! the place is a standout, i couldn’t really decide on what theme it had. the building itself had a native thing going on, but there were chinese lanterns and flags that looked like the national flag of lithuania. lol.


i liked the windows though, they reminded me of old ladies serving warm coffee or tea and biscuits. pero nandito nga pala kami para kumain ng


crabs. lots and lots of crabs. they didn’t look so glamorous but they tasted really good!  i loved the little yellow fatty stuff that came inside of them. yum!


i enjoyed the desserts too. it’s been a while since i had ube and maja, so huzzah! i also liked the brownie stuff, but i stockpiled most on fruit.


here’s my first serving, because the following ones looked like a mess! special thanks to honey and ella for helping me get to the crab meat. i have leveled up in my crab eating skillz!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.