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we went to abreeza after work, it’s an ayala mall that reminded me of trinoma but with a dedicated section to… dun dun dun, durian fruit! we also found this…


i love davao! who can resist taking pictures with this? parang mga kids lang, hahaha!

abreezaabreeza 3

we roamed around some more and camwhored some more at abreeza… but we did our shopping at aldevinco! it’s a bazaar type shopping center that sold lots of pretty things like these…


native bags, which were too girly for me, haha. they also have items made of shells, various pearls, beads, an assortment of ref magnets, colorful fabric, caps, cutesy guitars, bells, and a lot more handcrafted native things and so many choices too! i bought some magnets for pasalubong plus pearl earrings for my sister, and a guitar for maki. i got an i love davao cap for myself just for the lulz.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

my office mates are those of this world types who go for adventures and good food and stuff like that, and so i’m posting our davao trip here in five parts. wooooooo!

after our plane landed, ella and honey picked us up and since we were so hungry, we headed to dimsum diner. here’s the


ssp team while pretending to be ok but already dying of hunger. lol. you might wonder what ssp is, it’s something to do with scheduling and capacity planning but i like to think of the abbreviation to mean sweet and sour pork. hehe.


and so we gorged ourselves. we have lots of dimsum places in manila, but dimsum diner is only in davao and i believe gensan, so i was pretty happy to try their food. we had yang chow fried rice, some crunchy chicken, chop suey, and siomai. i liked their kalamansi, which were wrapped in nets so the seeds won’t fall out. oh and i had black sago for my drink.

touchdowntouchdown 2

after we’ve stuffed ourselves we proceeded to our hotel which was just right in front of our davao office! we took photos kahit meron pang dala dalang bagahe. thanks to my sponsor for my adidas performance duffel bag, ahem, maisingit lang. hihi.


orchard hotel … i haven’t been able to take pixxors though but it’s a pretty cozy place, kind of like a mini condominium. i liked that we get to have a room with lucky numbers too. and then we slept like hibernating bears…

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


guess who went to the 34th manila international book fair? this girl of course! i’d gotten free tickets from the adarna house website, they saved me twenty pesos! hahaha, i can be a cheapskate sometimes. first stop was…


national book store! i arrived around thirty minutes past opening time but it was already packed with people, i had to dodge students, running kids, and moms and dads bearing eco tote bags. haha. but i was finally able to dig my way to the art book i wanted to buy… more on that on another post. other books that i liked at nbs were these


pretty cookbooks. someday, i will buy a better range and start baking.


a bunch of wreck this journal books! there are so many versions already and i haven’t even finished mine. lol.


health and martial arts books, they reminded me of miming and maki.


went to tahanan books after, they had a pretty booth with a filipino feel to it… well they do sell filipino books or those by filipino authors but they also sold


funny stationery that had engrish text and tagalog quips. naks naman, hehehe.


went to fully booked too! i wasn’t able to take a lot of pixxors here because there were so many girls milling around, yes girls. this bookstore employs really cute guys for some reason. i liked the artwork around their booth though. anyhoo, other things that caught my eye were…


some hindi books, brings to mind some of my old indian friends from my previous company. will visit the india capital someday, will force maki to come with me. hahaha!


a paper crane in a japanese book stall. it was polka dotty and cute, okay? and finally, there were mountains and mountains of textbooks!


publishing houses … i recognized vibal and phoenix and all the studying they put me through, hahaha! rex, on the other hand, is a bookstore i frequented during college. and then my favorite…


adarna house! because again, they saved me twenty pesos and they sold cute stuff! i specially liked that they have a mascot of sorts, would’ve bought the pilandok shirt and plush but i was too shy, i was the only adult customer at the time. haha.

so eun, i had a really great time at the book fair,  i hope they have more art books next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai

met up with my college friends last saturday because tin had finally come home from canada and had organized a christening for her kids. i just got off work so i was too sleepy and a bit hungry then so i wasn’t able to take a lot of pixxors but here’s

mean girls buffet 101 03

cons and me … lounging around. hahaha. cons brought her nephew along… he doesn’t smile. anyhoo, this was just after eating a plateful of chicken, oysters, salads in mini pots, hmmmm and i think i had a slab of pork. hahaha. takaw lang… i was able to take a pixxor of the


desserts! everything was good but the creme brulee was ozummm. after some more eating, we queued up for…

mean girls litrato photography 2
mean girls litrato photography 1

paw’s photobooth. this is very tiring, especially for a group of six girls rummaging around a pile of funny hats and struggling to find a spot in the monitor. lol. but i like the way the pixxors turned out. we had some laugh fests after and talked about old terror professors and classmates but i’m looking forward to a longer bonding session with my mean girls hopefully soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai

late post… my computer had died on me and it took some time to be fixed, special thanks to my best friend-technician-handyman miming who fixed teh box. so moving on, i met up with some of my friends from my previous company. we were supposed to eat at a different restaurant but it was closed because a pair of parents wanted to have a party for their kid, who wouldn’t even remember his first birthday. bitter hahaha!

and so, we ended up at shakey’s… and since it’s shakey’s, where hordes of people go and waiting for food takes some time then combine that with a bunch of hungry rta’s, we get a lot of …


crazy … june, me, and minion monique! we are the braces team. they wanted me to show my braces. uh, no. hahaha! naglokohan pa kami until the food came.


monster meal deal … akin lang lahat yan eh. hahahaha! ay kay monique pala…

attack of teh ccods

at binilhan pa nila ako ng cake! wooo! classic chocolate cake from tous les jours, haha, alam na alam.

attack of teh ccods
attack of teh ccods

aside from food, we had some laugh fests too! dami ko lang tawa sa mga kalokohan ng mga ccod na to.


ayan sila pagkatapos lumafang. merong nakasamang ulo sa gilid ni melo. hahaha! thanks for taking some time off for me guys. hoping that we can go out again very soon. lab lab!

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.